11 POWERFUL SEO Hacks That Still Work in 2023

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In this blog, I’m gonna show you 11 POWERFUL SEO hacks that’ll give you maximum results with minimal effort. I used many of these hacks to grow my website’s monthly traffic from 20,000 to 200,000 in a single year. That’s 900% growth. But before we do that, let’s define –

What is an SEO hack? 

Sure, there are SEO tactics like ‘create quality content but can you call that a hack? What I’m referring to when I say SEO hack is a cheat code, a shortcut if you will.

I’m talking about SEO tactics that give you asymmetrical results compared to the amount of effort needed to put them to use.

And that doesn’t mean I’m talking about black hat SEO. Sure, some of the hacks I’ll be mentioning aren’t quite snow white, but most of them are and you’d be silly to ignore them in your SEO arsenal.

Where did I learn these SEO hacks from?

I’ve been in this industry since 2018. So, you pick up some tricks along the way. Whether that be through testing, experience, or sharing trade secrets with friends.

So, in this blog, I’m gonna open up the book and share with you 11 of my favorite SEO hacks. Also, make sure to stick around to the end.  because I’ll share a bonus one with you too.

Now, if you wanna toss me a bonus, I’d really appreciate it if you share this with your friends. Smashing the share button is the number one hack that can help out with this blog on my website as well, so hook a brother up.

1. Parasite SEO


First on our list of SEO hacks that crush it right now is Parasite SEO. With parasite SEO, you get content placed on a high-authority website with a ton of backlinks and you piggyback off its authority to get to the top of Google. And it works like gangbusters.


Let me show you an example out in the wild. I just Googled the best weight loss supplement, which you can bet your buns a very lucrative affiliate keyword. Up here at the top, we have an article from observer.com, let’s open it up. Right up here, smack dab before the article even starts, you see the word sponsored.

That means that someone paid The Observer to place this article up and pretty much just skip the entire process of having to build your own website for SEO.

I mean, why not? If you can just hack your way to the top by borrowing another website’s authority.

parasite-SEO-questions-11 POWERFUL SEO Hacks

Running a parasite SEO is really as easy as it appears. You simply need to email these big publisher sites via their contact or media pages and ask them a set of questions. How much does it cost for a post and are your prices reasonable? Can I write an article as long as I want? Will you interlink to my article?

Are your outbound links do-follow? Are images allowed in your post? And are you okay posting content in my specific niche? The more yeses they say, the more chances you have to post an article that ranks high on Google. You also wanna look at domain authority. The more links the site has, the better.

2. 301 redirects, using the acquisition method


The next SEO hack that still works wonders today is 301 redirects, especially 301 redirects using the acquisition method. If you don’t call this traffic boner right here an SEO hack, I really don’t know what else you’d call it.


Now what you’re doing with this strategy is getting your hands on a huge tasty domain with a bunch of links and maybe even a bunch of traffic. Then you use a 301 redirect which can be configured in a ton of easy ways to tell Google that this domain no longer lives here anymore and now lives here on this subsection of my site to send all that juicy SEO love over to this site instead.


Now, this process boils down to a few steps. You need to find a good domain to redirect in the first place.


For that, I recommend using odys, which has a huge selection of sites in every niche that are already vetted for quality. They keep their sites hosted as well there’s no drop history.

Next, you wanna set up the landing page to accept 301 redirects on your own site. The best way to do that is to create what’s known as an acquisition page where you’re announcing to the world that your domain has acquired another business and of course, it’s the domain.


Here’s an example where Larry Ludwig acquired bloggerdesign.com. and of course, 301 redirected that site for some nice gains.

Next, you wanna execute that 301. You can do it in a variety of ways, but in my opinion, the best way to do it is through Cloudflare because of their anonymous DNS. Now there are more details to this process and I don’t wanna spend the whole blog on this one hack.

3. Used aged Domains To START A Site


The next SEO hack is, let’s just say, when it works, it (bleep) works. And that’s using an aged domain instead of starting a domain from scratch.


Here’s the traffic graph from my buddy’s site where he went from zero to 400,000 visitors per month using a nice aged domain. But the reason I emphasize when it works, it works because sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all.


And other times it works well and the fire burns hot for a while but it sizzles away after some time as you see right here. The key to getting the technique to work is relevance. How closely related is the aged domain to the niche you wanna build your site on?

Let’s say you found a nice website that was a government project focused on improving reproductive health. Is that relevant enough if let’s say, you wanted to build a steroid affiliate site on it? Well, the answer is yes, because it’s definitely been done.

how the archived version of this reproductive healthcare looked in the past and how it looks now slanging steroids like’s no one’s business and it’s not doing too bad now, is it? 11, 000 visitors per month are legit. And I can assure you this level of traffic in that niche, they’re making some money.

4. Mass Page SEO


Our next SEO hack that still does great is mass page sites. Let’s say you wanted to create a website to generate leads for landscaping. And you wanted to sell these leads to various landscaping service providers. Well, with the click of a button, you can create a landing page for every city and even every neighborhood in the entire freaking country in a matter of minutes.

This is the point of mass page builder sites. You create a template and its clone for each location that you specify. Then you end up with a huge 3000-page site with a ton of topical relevance to your industry.

And the best thing about it is there’s no duplicate content issue when it comes to local SEO. You wouldn’t expect Starbucks to come up with unique content in all 33, 000 of their locations, right?


The best mass page builder plugins are:

  • Magic Page plugin.
  • SERP shaker.
  • Page Generator Pro.
  • SERP Farmland Local Pages Ninja.

5. Exact Match Domain (EMDS)


Next up on our list of hacks exact match domains, EMDs. I don’t know why you’d ever want to but let’s say you wanted to rank number one on Google’s ‘’best ping pong table’’. Even in this day and age, it’s a seriously unfair advantage if you build your site on the best ping-pong tables.com.

The reason this works is because of relevance. Google’s main job is to figure out the relevance of websites and web pages so that when someone searches for something like ping pong tables, they’re able to show a relevant answer.

There’s no greater thing you can do to establish relevance outside of committing your entire domain name to ping pong tables. It’s not even a decision you can easily go back on without having to do a three, one redirect. Google knows you’re committed to ping pong from that day on out.


Unfortunately, as with everything in SEO, there are some downsides to EMDs. The first reason is the obvious one, it limits your expansion. You’re gonna have a hard time going into golfing on a website called best ping-pong tables. com.

The second is optimization. It’s really easy to overoptimize your backlinks when your brand name is an EMD. It’s almost like every single anchor text you send is gonna have target keywords in it. This is a pitfall I see a lot of newbies fall into.

6. Google Image Rankings


The next hack I got for you is to rank in Google images. Did you know it takes next to effort to rank images in Google’s image search? You can have some fun with this too.

My friend, Dino is the sexiest man in San Diego, apparently. If it ranks number one in Google’s got to be true, right? My friend, James is the sexiest girl in Manchester. And again, must be true. But this isn’t all fun in games.

If you rank in the image search for something like a crypto wallet, you’re gonna get some nice, tasty traffic. To rank in Google images is super easy.


You optimize your image’s alt text, surround the image and content with keywords that you wanna rank for and then you get a gig from fiver that’s gonna syndicate your images to all the image-sharing sites like Pixabay and all that.

7. Optimizing Your Accidentally Ranking Keywords


The next hack is a no-brainer and you could do it right now you just knew what you were looking for. And that’s finding keywords on your own site that you’re ranking for but you’re not even optimized for.


Let me show you what I’m talking about. If you open Ahref’s site explorer’s organic keywords report, you’ll get a list of keywords that your site ranks for. Set a filter to only look at keywords in positions 20 through 40. I’m ranking on page two for a keyword, digital sales funnel.

Not bad, 150 searches per month. But if I open up the article that’s ranking for this keyword, the words digital sales funnel isn’t even written on the page, that’s ridiculous.

So, at that point, I can just write these words in the article and I’ll be on page one. Check your site and make sure you’re not leaving anything on the table. And for the next hack, we’re taking a trip to the dark side.

8. Use A PBN (Private Blog Network).


Hands down, one of the biggest, instantaneous ranking movements you’ll ever see is to send an exact match target anchor text link from a nice PBN. That’s a private blog network site.

PBNs are not so white-hat links from repurposed domains that are specifically set up for delivering a huge wallop of link power. And that’s because you’re sending links from a homepage to your site.


The vendor I use for PBNs is rankclub.io. They maintain the gold standard for these types of links. They ran a case study and found that PBN links are most effective when used for target anchor texts. And I can definitely agree.

9. Tier 2 PBN Links


Since we’re on the topic of PBNs, the next hack also involves them, not linking directly to your site but at the tier two level. What we’re doing here is boosting the power of your existing links going to your site.


Here’s what that looks like. You have your money site here, it has a bunch of nice links from a bunch of white that normal websites, great. But those links don’t have a ton of power because the articles they’re placed on don’t have many links going to them.

Hit them in the back with some tier two PBN links and they just became the best links in your profile. Once again, I’m using Rank Club for tier two PBNs as well.

10. Meta Description Hack


Next, we have a hack that is super easy to set up and that’s optimizing your meta description to make sure it gets the most clicks as possible on the Google search result page.


The meta description is what shows up here below the URL and title in the Google search result page when your article comes up. Know that the meta description is not a ranking factor in itself.

You can’t optimize it with keywords. However, it does have the ability to influence clicks. And as you know, articles that get clicked and read, move up the rankings.


So, here’s what you do. Insert keywords into your meta description and use capitalization to draw attention to important words. And leave cliffhangers at the end of the description to encourage people to click.


So instead of making something boring like, “Read our reviews of the best vitamin C serums on the market. “Use something like, “Find out which is the BEST Vitamin Cestrum on the Market TODAY. See which ones have free. . . “Free?  Free what? “Oh my God, I need to click to find out what’s free. “

11. Serfer SEO


The next SEO hack I’m going to show you is to use Surfer. This really is and has been my cheat code for the last three years already. Surfer is an amazing tool that looks at your competitors and teases out what their key onsite SEO and content factors are that got them to the top of Google.

And then it will help you write your content so that it’s just as engaging to Google as it is to you. It’s like bowling with the bumper lanes on, it’s impossible to miss.

Surfer is such an amazing tool that I actually became an early investor in 2019. So, give it a shot, it’s my stamp of approval.



Now last but not least, my bonus SEO hack is hands down the most powerful. And that’s to network. Networking is by far the most useful thing you can do with your time in the SEO industry. All the best SEO hacks and tactics are shared through personal relationships.

So, whenever you get the chance, make friends and connect with other SEOs. If you can’t make it to conferences, you can always join Facebook groups like the affiliate SEO mastermind.

Thank you guys for reading this SEO Hacks Case-study. I hope you like it. if you like this blog, then share this with your friends and others who are looking for SEO tips.

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