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In this blog, you’re going to learn 8 useful digital marketing tools to help you understand your audience, gather feedback and analytics. so that you can make better decisions in the future and some tools to help you build and nurture an audience, and of course, make sales. Let’s get started with the first tool.

Here Are 8 Best Digital Marketing Tools

1. Tweak Your Biz | Digital Marketing Tools

Tweak Your Biz digital marketing tools

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know what to post next or you don’t know what title to use? Well, there’s a website called Tweak Your Biz and they have a tool called Title Generator.

This useful digital marketing tool will help you generate titles. All you need to do is import your topic, let’s say calisthenics, which is a form of exercise, select whether it is a noun or a verb and how you would like the results to appear, I’ll choose Sentence Case, click Submit.


And in an instant, you find a ton of content ideas based on your search term. It’s categorized by lists, best, how-to, questions, and more. Let’s take a look at some of these examples.

We’ve got, “Apply These 5 Secret Techniques “to Improve Calisthenics, “Master the Art of Calisthenics with These 5 Tips,” and, “The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics.”

Now, bear in mind that not all of the title suggestions will make sense based on your topic. For instance, we’ve got, “Best Calisthenics Android Apps,” which doesn’t make sense at all.

“How to Rent a Calisthenics “Without Spending an Arm and A Leg,” and, “How to Make More Calisthenics by Doing Less.”

So obviously, not all of these title suggestions make sense based on your topic, but it’s a good starting ground and will inspire you to create your next content piece.

2. Designrr

Designrr digital marketing tool

Next up, we’ve got a tool called Designerr. Designrr is a helpful tool to help you create eBooks and Lead magnets so that you can build an audience, and of course, make sales. What makes Designrr stand out is its ability to repurpose your existing content.


Here’s what the backend looks like. What you can do is import existing blog posts and articles, you can also import your Word files, Google Docs, or start from scratch. Now, Designrr is a paid tool. This page here will grant your lifetime access to its basic plan for just $27.

And that’ll grant you access to the features that I shared with you in this video so far. As a side note, if you decide to purchase Designrr, make sure to use my link because if you send me a copy of your receipt, I’ll send you a copy of 300 articles that can be repurposed inside Designer to create your own eBook. So, more details will be in the description box below.

3. Spyfu

Spyfu keyword research tool

Next up, we’ve got a research tool called SpyFu. With SpyFu’s keyword research tool, what you do is enter your keyword, topic, or phrase and then search.

And now SpyFu gives you data such as Monthly Volume, you’ve got searches per month. You’ve also got Similar keywords, Questions.

Scroll down and you’ll find more analytics such as Top Google Ads Buy Recommendations, Most Successful Advertisers, and Their Best Ads.

4. Bonjoro


here’s a great tool that will make your company or you stand out by making personal videos welcoming your new clients and customers. It’s called Bonjoro.

With Bonjoro, you’re able to create personal videos that get sent out after someone signs up or subscribes to your newsletter, for instance, or after someone purchases your product. That way you can delight your customers, show customers that you care, and it’ll make you stand out amongst your competitors.

5. Hotjar

Hotjar digital marketing tool

here’s a tool to help you understand how your users behave on your website. It’s called Hotjar and its main tool is its heatmapping tool. You’re able to visualize where people are clicking and hovering over or where their mouse is going.

With heatmaps, obviously what you wanna look for is the redder, the better, and that’s what most people are clicking on right here, this particular option or button.

By analyzing this data, you can now make better decisions so that you know where to place a certain call-to-action button, certain headlines, and things like that. Moving on to the next tool.

6. Intercom

Intercom useful digital marketing tool

This all-in-one system is going to enable a live chat system on your website, a knowledge base, a help desk system, product tours, and even customer onboarding.

It’s called Intercom. And what you can do is create this type of live chat system. So, on its website, you can actually use one so you can test it out.

We can send a message or take a look at some of the knowledge base articles, as you can see.

If you’ve got any website where you’ve got users or members, Intercom comes extremely handy because you install the Intercom widget, as you can see right here, inside your members’ area, for instance, so that way you can onboard your customers and they’re not gonna feel lost in terms of, “How do I go about using your website?”

So, if you want to give your users a better user experience, welcome them, make sure they’re all good, and basically just follow up and make sure they’re all great. Then use Intercom.

7. Convertkit

Convertkit email marketing tool

It’s an underutilized and overlooked way of marketing your products and services is through email marketing. This is where you are building an email subscriber base and being able to follow up and send broadcast messages.

An email marketing platform that I recommend you use to start building an email subscriber base is ConvertKit.

The great thing about ConvertKit is you can sign up for a free account and build an email subscriber base of up to 1000 subscribers until you need to move on to one of its paid plans. They make it really easy to start your own newsletter and build an email subscriber base.

You’ve got a landing page builder that you can use. You can create sign-up forms, even creating popup forms, and a newsletter signup form. What it can also do is create automation.

So, for instance, if someone signs up for your newsletter, they get asked a question, and if they do answer one of these questions, they get taken to a different campaign. So, if you haven’t started building your email list or newsletter, start with ConvertKit.

8. OptinMonster


we’ve got OptinMonster. OptinMonster will allow you to create lightbox popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, and much more. As an example, let’s say you’ve got an eCommerce website and you wanna feature a special offer for new customers only.

You can create a popup like this right here showing something like, “50% Off,” or, “10% off on your first order,” and that’s exactly what OptinMonster can help you with. All your website visitor needs to do is enter their email address so that they can get their coupon sent to them.

In return, you are building an email subscriber base, which you can then use to follow up on those customers with special offers. It also has exit-intent technology.

So, let’s say someone is about to close your website, you can have a popup appear with, let’s say, “One last offer,” so that way you’re potentially reducing the number of sales lost.


In this blog, I share 8 useful digital marketing tools that help you understand your audience, and gather feedback and analytics. so that you can make better decisions in the future and some tools to help you build and nurture an audience, and of course, make sales.

Let me know in the comments which of these tools you’ll be using next or are you currently using any of these? Let me know. In the meantime, I’ll leave up this video right here where you can learn 21 more digital marketing tools. I’ll see you there.

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