5 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2023

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Let’s talk about how to spot affiliate marketing Trends and make more money online. So, think about it people’s spending habits change throughout the year and since we’re in the holiday season. People are traveling, buying gifts, going on vacation and even buying products for themselves.

I know what I’m asking for this year. But it’s not just about the holidays. So, spending changes with the weather as well. So, someone’s pool business is going to see a lot more Revenue in the summer than in the winter and Technology changes the way we spend money too.

Affiliate Marketing Trends

Since the pandemic and in the 2020s more and more people have their groceries delivered then go out shopping for them. And the rise of food delivery apps has exploded in the last few years.

And let me tell you something. There is nothing wrong with spending eighty dollars on a Taco Bell order.I do it every other week. So, you want to set yourself up to make money based on how people’s spending habits change.

Shopping Trends

Now one way to do this is to go to Google and search for the year plus shopping Trend. So, you could search like 2022 shopping Trends and you’ll get some decent ideas. So, to understand what’s coming, look at the recent past and present.

So, in the last two years shopping habits have changed and retailers and brands have had to adapt to survive. So instead of going out to see a movie streaming services have exploded. So much to the point that major releases are happening on Netflix while also debuting in theaters.

Now because the world is changing so rapidly, people’s interests and habits are changing rapidly too. So, if you want to start learning about what’s coming, a good place to start is with the site exploding topics.

fitness-drop-down-Affiliate Marketing Trends

So, for example, if you select the fitness drop down, you’ll see that paddle racket has exploded in popularity over the last five years.

When you plug that term into Google Trends it’s really started to gain traction over the last year and it’s been a steadily increasing over the last five years.

So now you have to consider the opportunity is this something that you can create content around and monetize with affiliate marketing.

Are you already a content creator and Prime to create some content based on what you find. People with large personal Brands can even change the entire trajectory of a company with a single mention of a product.

gymshark-Affiliate Marketing Trends

For example, gymshark is now worth 1.3 billion dollars. And a huge part of that success comes from influencer marketing they started doing back in the early days where Fitness was gaining traction on Instagram and youtube.

They built relationships with various influencers and got them wearing their products and videos and in IG posts. And now the brand is pretty much Unstoppable.

Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube And Twitter

So, another good place to check for Trends is Instagram, tiktok, youtube and Twitter. What are the top accounts and influencers talking about, what are they promoting to their followers regularly.


Another Trend that has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years is obviously crypto. Now many content creators in the personal finance space saw a huge opportunity and completely shifted to talking mostly about crypto on their channels.

And then they promoted the best crypto exchanges that paid them affiliate commissions for every sign up that they produced.

With FTX, Celsius and Voyager. All recently failing. And the way the markets are the ship has kind of sailed on that. But it was a huge Trend and billions of dollars were made by those content creators who could see that coming.


Another thing is to think about the seasons. Since we’re in the cooler months in the northern hemisphere people are starting to search for winter clothes.

So, in Google Trends the search term cozy sweaters for fall is up 110 the one that’s even more interesting is the search term best affordable shapewear.

This is up 230%. So, this one caught my attention. Because you have to think about what’s happening in the last few years. So, since the pandemic according to Harvard 39 of patients gained weight.

And this would make sense like people were cooped up for nearly two years. Didn’t get enough exercise we’re stressed out, it’s the perfect recipe for gaining weight.

Now that we’re in the holidays, people are going to parties, meeting up with friends and family, getting together and they want to look their best.

So, it’s easier to buy some shapewear to fit into your old pair of pants than it is to lose that extra 20 pounds in a few weeks. What you also want to do is think from the perspective of gift giving.

So, what are people searching for. What would you buy for somebody. Well things go on sale during the holiday season.

Think about games, beauty products, Cosmetics, toys, movies, entertainment. So, on this Google Trends page, you can also get an idea of what’s trending in different categories.

Now the main thing to remember when it comes to spotting Trends is what’s going on right now and where things will eventually go. You might be too late to get in on a holiday spending craze.

But you can start thinking towards the spring or summer. What do you think is going to be popular in 2023 as the weather starts getting warmer.

People will be searching for swimwear, camping gear, pool and hot tub accessories. They’ll be searching for the best places to hike and take vacations, and take trips, cruises, tours, round-trip flights to popular beaches, think about it that way.

Subscribe to marketing blogs and sites that sell products

So, another way to spot Trends is to subscribe to marketing blogs and sites that sell products that you’re interested in. And a lot of the time they’ll have done the research you wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.

So, for example, sites like Shopify and oberlo are great resources for seeing what’s trending across different product categories. Now in this Shopify blog post you can see they list out trending topics for 2022.


You see that power tools ranks at the top spot. It’s exploded in interest over the last year seeing a 23,000 increase in year-over-year growth globally. And the next one is dog toys.


So, with a little research and digging through tools like Google Trends and ahrefs you can find potential keyword jackpots that can be monetized and are new if you get in before everyone else is making similar content.

If you want to learn more about spotting Trends, how to make money with affiliate marketing, how to write the Articles, how to add the affiliate links, make sure to click the link.

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