Digital Marketing Strategies That Just Work In 2023

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Digital marketing strategies that just work. There are lots of digital marketing strategies available. How do you know which ones to use? What should I start out with? Especially if I’m just beginning?

5 Digital marketing strategies That Just Works.

Here are five strategies that just work for beginners.

1. The money is on the list.


Strategy number one, the money is on the list. You have to collect emails if you’re doing marketing. When someone visits your site, there’s a small probability that they’re going to purchase from you because they don’t recognize you.

They don’t know your products or service or how good they’re. Your brand is unfamiliar. It’s not like you’re Amazon or Microsoft or Nike or Tesla. It’s like asking someone who doesn’t know you well to marry you. Chance is they’re going to be like, “No.”

If you ask a random stranger for a date, you’ll be much more likely to get one than if you ask someone you know well. Think of asking someone to give you their email address as if you’re asking someone on a date. Once you get them to commit, it’s much easier to progress them.

hello-bar-Digital Marketing Strategies

Using tools like Hello Bar, you can collect emails on your website. You can collect email addresses by giving away freebies, offers, newsletters, etc. Once you have someone on your list, you can pitch them over time on your products and services.

And in between your pitches, give advice, help them out, and create educating content. A portion of those people will convert into customers.

2. Landing Pages.

Landing-Pages-Digital Marketing Strategies

Strategy number two, landing pages. Have you ever taken a kid to a candy store? If you haven’t, it’s really hard for a kid to decide because there are just too many options.

But the moment you take them to a random grocery store and they’re checking out, and there are only a few options that they see, it’s really easy for them to decide what they want. The same goes for your marketing.

If someone visits your website and they see hundreds of options, it makes it harder for them to decide what to buy or sign up for. Now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have or can’t even have hundreds or thousands of products.

More so, you just need a dedicated page for each product. This is called a landing page. That way, when someone lands on that page, it pitches them to sign up for that service or buy that product, not 10 other things.


This is important because it improves your conversion rate. You can use tools like Unbounce to create landing pages.

3. Upsells.


Strategy number three is upsells. When you go to McDonald’s and you order fries, a lot of times they’ll ask you if you want a larger size. And it doesn’t cost more, so they’re like, “Hey, this is a good deal.

Do you want this for 10 cents more?” Or if you order a burger, they may ask you, “Hey, do you want a meal instead with drink and a fries?” One of the keys to McDonald’s success is its emphasis on high‐quality ingredients.

Why? Because it is easier to generate more money from your existing customers than it is to generate new sales.

amazon-Digital Marketing Strategies

Amazon uses this same strategy. They want you to keep buying more and more, and this is how they make more money off of you. An easy way to make your digital marketing more profitable is to add in upsells and downsells like McDonald’s.

You can use tools like SamCart or click funnels to easily create an online store. And make sure you add in these upsells and downsells, because it can’t hurt your revenue. It can only help.

4. Podcasting.

Podcasting-Digital Marketing Strategies

Strategy four is podcasting. Now with podcasting, occurring on Earth’s Web, there are roughly 2 million podcasts. That’s roughly one podcast for every 3,750 people. In other words, it isn’t that competitive.

I know what you’re thinking. Do people really listen to podcasts? Well, my podcast “Marketing School” gets roughly 1 million listens a month. If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you do so now.

And if that doesn’t convince you, 51% of Americans are listening to podcasts according to Podcast Insights. And 37% of Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. If you’re going after an elder demographic, great.

According to Neil Shafer, 25% of consumers who are older than 55 years old listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. And according to Convince & Convert, the average podcast listener spends 6 hours and 39 minutes a week listening to podcasts each week.

If you record a podcast using a smartphone, then you don’t need to pay for any equipment or software. You can simply upload it to iTunes or SoundCloud and let people listen to it.


You can use also services like Libsyn to push and publish your podcast. Marketing School Podcast Gets A Lot Of Downloads And Its Great Branding And Revenues Drive. Strategy five paid ads.

Whether you love or dislike Google or Facebook, they remain popular. And they make billions of dollars from ad revenue. Why? Because their ads work and they drive money.

You should have already set up a landing page for your product and you should have included upsells and down sells.

If you’re going to spend any money on advertising, why not just pay for some ads? You don’t need to invest a lot of money, say $50‐$100 per channel. It’ll get you some traction.

Just try all the main platforms from Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat.

I know the list goes on and on, but try them out. Then take the channels that are performing somewhat well and double down on those. You should be able to generate profit from your paid ads like most companies.

And if you need help with any of this, contact me, where we just do all this for companies. If you enjoy the blog, share, and tell people about it. If you have any questions. I’m here to help you out.

Digital Marketing Strategies FAQ

What is digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategies are usually built around specific goals, objectives, KPIs, and other metrics. However, these are often defined differently across organizations and industries.

Who needs digital marketing services?

A digital marketer needs this service.

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