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Are you looking for the best Ai-powered content writing tool that can help you to write and optimize your content? Then Frase IO review will help you to write content, research, optimize content, and create better SEO faster.

Let’s jump into Frase IO Review 2023

What is

What-Is-frase-Io is a tool that will help you write content fast. By finding the right keywords you create content with SEO Optimized and questions for your article. 

Frase will help you write content, research, and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google in minutes instead of hours. It helps you create better SEO content, faster. 

I’m using Frase for over 7 months. I’ve created over 121+ documents with Frase. After using it Frase saves the time I would spend researching search intent, preparing an article draft, and even writing sections of my article. 

In this Frase io Review, I’ll be talking about content optimization, content writing tools, Ai writing of frase, as well as some areas where it needs improvement. is divided into 2 sections. It is divided into content creation and they have a Frase assistant.

What Is Appsumu?

Frase io (formerly known as Appsumo) is a mobile app development company that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through strategic consulting and innovative strategies. Their services include app design and development, mobile marketing, user acquisition, and mobile strategy.

Frase io was founded in 2013 and has grown to over 400 team members who are located across offices in San Francisco, Austin, Detroit, London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Seoul. They have clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Frase io has helped businesses around the globe develop their mobile presence and reach new customers. If you want to start earning money from mobile apps, they can help you get started.

How do I download Chrome Extension? is a free browser add-on that allows you to quickly manage multiple social media accounts from a single webpage.

It also features a built-in image upload tool, allowing you to post images directly from the web page without having to log into individual apps or websites.

Frase IO AI Content Generator & Writer


Frase has an Ai writer tool like Jasper. You can beat writer’s block with AI-generated content of frase. 

Frase is the all-in-one AI Content creation tool that helps SEO and Content Teams research, write, and optimize better SEO content, faster. 

The Frase Platform has 4 key components: 

Frase IO Research

Use the top results from any target search query to create SEO-optimized briefs within minutes. Frase saves you time by analyzing, dissecting, and centralizing the internet’s best content in one place.

  • Generate full-length, optimized content briefs in 6 seconds.
  • Review the main keywords and headings in your SEO competitors’ content in one intuitive research tool.
  • Create content and store custom brief templates to streamline your workflow.
  • Use the Outline Builder to streamline outline creation.

Frase IO Ai writer

You can write high-converting, search-engine-optimized (SEO) copy at the click of a button. Make writer’s block a thing of the past with dozens of AI tools that generate automated outlines, blog introductions, product descriptions, FAQs, and more.

  • Click “Write For Me” to complete your sentences and even write whole new paragraphs.
  • Use AI templates to generate controlled outputs like blog intros, high-converting copywriting formulas, FAQs, headings, and more.
  • Improve the quality of writing by automatically rewording passages.

Frase IO Optimize

A tool that scores your content against your competitors using a topic model. Frase’s list of related topics–as well as the recommended number of mentions for each–will help you write like an expert and publish content that Google will love.

  • Use Frase’s topic model to identify the keywords you should include in your content
  • Compare your content’s keywords with your top competitors.

Frase IO Content Analytics

A tool that automatically identifies and categorizes your best content opportunities. Frase uses your data from Google Search Console to help you figure out what you need to improve.

Identify pages that aren’t ranking well and may need to be updated.

Identify high-growth opportunity keywords you aren’t ranking for yet.

Thousands of individuals and teams use Frase on a daily basis–everyone is freelancers and agencies to Fortune 50 companies. Their most active users include SEO, content strategists, editors, writers, content managers, and more. Free Trial

You can get started with a 5-day trial for only $1 In Also, you can cancel it anytime. Pricing

Before talking about pricing, I’ve something special for you!

If you sign up for Frase, you’ll automatically get a 60% discount off your first month. and you would get a 5-day money-back guarantee. If Frase isn’t for you, send them a note and they’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. lifetime deal

Frase IO Basic plan:

  • get a 60% discount off your first month.
  • Price: 44.99 /month
  • Price Currency: $USD
  • Application Category: AI Writing Assistant.

Frase IO Team plan:

  • get a 60% discount on your first month.
  • Price: 114.99 /month
  • Price Currency: $USD
  • Application Category: AI Writing Assistant.

Frase IO Enterprise plan:

  • get a 60% discount on your first month.
  • Price: contact them.
  • Price Currency: $USD
  • Application Category: AI Writing Assistant.

You can unlock more power with the SEO Add-on. Include the SEO Add-on in your subscription for an additional $35/month. you can get a 60% discount on your first month.

Keyword Search Volume

You can unlock monthly search volume for keywords in the Outline Builder, as well as commercial and informational keyword modifiers.


SERP Data Enrichment

You can access domain authority and backlink data for top search results.

Frase AI Writer gives you unlimited access to their AI Writer, which allows you to generate content at the click of a button.

After buying the plan they will Include this to your any plan:

  1. Automated Content Briefs: This ai writer tool helps you Automatically generate detailed SEO content briefs. It helps your writers execute content that ranks.
  2. Content Scoring: A keyword is important for every article you write. To the perfect article for your target keywords, frase will guide your writers.
  3. Content Editor: Their intuitive content editor has all of the features of top word processors.
  4. Share Documents Easily: After writing an article with, you can send editable links to your writers. Writers can edit documents without requiring a seat.
  5. Project Status Settings: With this tool, when assignments are complete your writers can update the status to let you know.
  6. Team Project Folders: Create project folders for your team members or your agency clients.
  7. Google Search Console: With this particular tool, you can see site-wide content analytics integrated with Google Search Console data.
  8. Custom Templates: I create content using their Ai content writing tools customization. you can also create your own templates as guidelines and AI writer customization.
  9. Outline Builder: Including autosuggest, composing an outline using various data points,  People also ask, etc.

Frase AI Writing Tools

13 Frase AI writing tools you can use for FREE!

1. Ai content generator: This tool will help you to get an Impressive title for your article. you can generate a title for your article. I use this so many times to generate my title. 

2. Introduction generator: After selecting a title, you need to write about your keyword. but you don’t know what to write or how to write.

So I think this tool will help to generate an Assam introduction for your title keyword.

you can generate an introduction for an unlimited time. because this tool is free to use. you don’t need any experience for that. 

3. Outline generator: If you are in an SEO content writing field, then you know the importance of meta descriptions. The meta description will help you to get the intended for your customer/clients. I use this tool. This tool will help to get SEO-friendly meta descriptions.

4. Paraphrasing Tool: Most people don’t know what is paraphrasing. If you write an article, you must know that your article is unique or copy someone else’s article. For that, you need to check your article’s unique score. This tool will help you to check your paraphrasing score.

5. Paragraph Rewriter: Beginner content writers do some mistakes in writing articles. when they select a niche to write about, search for related topics about their niche.

And then they copy someone’s paragraph and paste it into their Article.

It’s a big mistake every beginner do. For that, gives you an Ai paragraph rewriter for free. you can use it to rewrite any paragraph. Paste a paragraph with up to 400 words.

Then Frase AI will perform some magic to rewrite your paragraph and also will output your rewritten paragraph below.

6. Blog Title Generator: This tool is similar to the ai content generator. Just input the target keyword you want title ideas for. Then Fraser will help you create an awesome blog post title for your website.

7. Description Generator: Similar To Outline generator.

8. People Also Ask to Identify what your audience wants to know about your topic. Help them understand why you’re an expert in your field. Answer their questions directly and concisely.

9. Product Descriptions: If you’re in the affiliate niche, This tool will help you generate Assam, unique, and SEO-friendly descriptions related to your products. 

10. Slogan Generator: A slogan is important for advertising and promoting products. A great slogan helps you to get a great review from your customer. You can try it if you want. 

11. summary generator: Create a unique summary for an article or text.

12. Value Proposition Template: You can create a value proposition statement for your brand, product, or service. Just Input your brand name or product and the problem it solves.

  1. Sentence rewriter: using their free Sentence Rewriter Tool, you can get 100% unique paragraphs rewritten and rephrased. Plagiarism-free content rewritten in seconds.

Frase IO Content brief Templates

Frase content templates will help you write your own unique content, while also optimizing it for search engine rankings. Frase’s team of professional writers will create high-quality articles, press releases, product descriptions, reviews, and other types of content.

They’ll even provide you with an initial draft, then let you edit and add your own information. You’ll get all of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a freelancer.

Use their content templates for writers to create optimized SEO content, faster!

1. Content Brief Template: Frase content brief template helps you write better articles by giving you an idea of what you want to be covered in your articles.

2. Best Post Template: With their best post template, frase can help you quickly write a detailed list for your readers about recommended products, services, and resources within a category you’re interested in finding, using, or buying. 

3. Listicle (List Post) Template: Learn how to research, write and rank a listicle (list post) with their template.

4. Alternatives Template: Use their alternatives article template to write articles that present competing options for readers searching for a product, solution, or company

5. How To Template: Use a how-to template to research, write, and rank your how-to guides.

6. Beginner’s Guide Template: A beginner’s guide is an article that provides comprehensive coverage of a topic. If you’re a beginner, then you can try this. 

7. Service Page Template: Use the service page template to write copy that will convert readers into sales leads by showing how the service helps them.

8. Pillar Page Template: Make a pillar page with a template as the foundation for your topic cluster.

9. Content Refresh Template: Use their content refresh template to better rank existing pages with these 7 easy steps.

10. Comparison Template: A comparison (vs.) article helps readers compare the features and benefits of different products or services before making a decision.

11. Product Review Template: Their template makes researching, writing, publishing, and ranking product review articles easier and faster to rank in search engines.

Frase IO Pros And Cons:

I’ve been using Frase for a while now, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s very easy to use and I love the fact that it’s free! I’m always looking for ways to optimize my writing, and Frase helps me achieve that goal.This software is amazing! There is so much potential here, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of it.
Auto-saving is sometimes unreliable. Once, I lost an article because the auto-save feature didn’t work. If you try to learn without watching the tutorials first, you’ll probably end up feeling lost.

Frase IO Affiliate Program


You Can Make Passive Income by Promoting the #1 Rated AI Content Platform

frase-affiliate-program have a great Affiliate program. Let’s see.


If you want to work with Frase as an affiliate, then you need to signup for their website before. Then apply as an affiliate. Tutorial

FAQ’S Related Frase Content Brief Templates

Why create the best post?

A “Best Post” is the type of content that has been growing in popularity for the past few years.
When it comes to best posts, the monthly search volume for queries containing “Best” is usually very high.

Why create a listicle (list post)?

A list article is a great way to get your message across quickly and effectively. A list article is a type of article that includes a numbered list of recommended items. List articles are often used to recommend products, services, and other resources. They are also commonly used to promote a website or blog.

Why create an alternative article?

This article provides readers with choices when they are looking for a product or solution to a problem. Readers may already be aware of or dissatisfied with a product, service, company, or brand. They might want something similar.

Why create a how-to article?

A how-to article is a set of instructions for readers to follow to achieve their desired outcomes.
According to a study of 1067 Content Marketers, 76% published how-to guides.

Why create a beginner’s guide?

Users are looking for information about something. If you’re not sure what they are interested in, you can try to guess. You can also ask them directly.

In this frase Io Review Blog, I will try to cover frase IO all tools, pricing, review, and recourses they provided. If you have any further questions, then comment down below.

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