GetResponse Vs Aweber | Which one should you choose In 2023

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Hey, my name is Jayan. And welcome to this blog. Now today we’re going to be doing a comparison of two email marketing providers. And that is Getresponse vs Aweber.

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Now in this blog, I’m going to be sort of sharing the main differences. The main points that separate the two as well as sort of how I personally think they work give you a bit of background and insight.

I actually started with Aweber back in 2014. Six months later I was actually banned from Aweber. My account was disabled.



GetResponse is a powerful email marketing toolkit that provides a comprehensive suite of features to send professional emails and optimize them for mobile devices. Whether you want to create a simple email or build an advanced campaign, GetResponse has got you covered.

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With GetResponse, you can easily manage all your contacts and campaigns, track opens and clicks, schedule automated messages, and much more. This tool also allows you to integrate Facebook and Twitter signups, Google Analytics integration, and other useful functions.



Aweber has become one of the biggest email marketing platforms around. If you haven’t heard of it, then you probably know someone who uses it. And if you don’t, then you’ll want to take a look at what they offer. After all, it’s pretty amazing!

Aweber is an email marketing software that helps businesses send messages to their customers. It supports multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In addition, it also comes with a variety of tools such as autoresponders, social media management, customer support, etc.

GetResponse Vs Aweber Comparison


As I was doing affiliate marketing little did I know you’re actually not allowed to do affiliate marketing inside Aweber. So my account got banned and that’s when I moved to Getresponse in about 2015. And I’ve actually been with Getresponse ever since. Now that doesn’t mean that Aweber is a bad email marketing provider.

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And this is what this blog is sort of going to talk about. Now what I’m going to be doing is basically doing a price comparison, feature comparison, sort of a user experience, sort of comparison, and basically everything in between.

Because if you are reading this blog and you’re trying to decide whether. You should go with Aweber or Getresponse. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you should have your decision made. Now just before we get started as well if you do decide to choose either get a response or Aweber.

I have left some links and if you decide to sign up through those links you’ll actually be able to get a bonus that I’m offering. These are some free email marketing templates that you can use as you wish. There are more instructions on that down at the bottom and just to let you know you can actually get started with both of them without a credit card.

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Today there’s a 30-day free trial with Getresponse as well as free membership with Aweber for a very small subscription. Sort of subscriber count, I’ll talk about that in a sec as well.

Now I’m going to jump behind the screen in a quick second. What I’m going to be doing is showing you side by side how the two different types of email marketing software work. And I’ve also created a landing page. You can see the differences in the builders which is actually quite interesting.

I’ve also got some emails ready to go as well as a bunch of other stuff. So what I’m going to do right now? I’m actually going to jump behind the screen and show you today’s comparison blog.

Getresponse Vs Aweber Pricing Plans


Okay, here we are. Basically, what I want to start with here is a price comparison between Aweber and Getresponse. Now we have Getresponse here on the left. We’ve got Aweber on the right. And I sort of want to walk you through the differences in the pricing plans.

Aweber pricing

AWeber FreeAWeber ProAWeber ProAWeber Pro
Perfect for getting started0-500 Subscribers 501-2,500 
2,501-5,000 Subscribers
Up to 500 email subscribers $16.15 per Month$26.15 per Month$46.15 per Month
Landing pagesUnlimited email lists<<
Web push notificationsAdvanced email automation<<
Drag and drop builderRemove AWeber branding<<
Email templatesDetailed insights and analytics<<
Sign up formsWebpage and sales tracking<<
EcommerceSplit testing<<
and more!and more!<<

So the Aweber pricing plans are actually pretty straightforward. The cool thing about aweber is that you are no different from many of the email autoresponders out there. So you actually get access to every single feature from day one regardless of which plane you’re going to be using.

So let’s move to the first column here. You’re looking at from 0 to 500 subscribers, you’re looking at $19.99 a month. From 501 to 2500 subscribers you’re looking at $29.99 per month. Next up anywhere from 2501 subscribers to 5000 at $49.99 a month.

Yeah, I’m just going to make it easier and say anywhere from 5-10,000 subscribers, you’re looking at $69.99 a month. Anywhere from 10-25,000 subscribers, you’re looking at $149.99 a month. And if you have over 25000+ subscribers, you would just simply need to talk to aweber and get a quote.

So, the cool thing like I said is that all of these different plans come with every single feature that you see in the check box.

And even more down below. So if you actually click the link down below in the description you can get a free 30-day Aweber trial. So you can test out aweber everything that they have to offer and so on and so forth.

Getresponse pricing


So first and foremost is going to be free keep in mind. They used to have a trial. This is now a free account. So you can pretty much use it until you get up to 500 contacts. That’s where you’re going to want to upgrade at least one of the points.

So you do get unlimited newsletters, you only get one landing page, you get a website builder, you can connect your domain, and of course, sign-up forms and pop-ups.

So, obviously, if you wanted more features right off the bat you’ll probably want to upgrade as well. But as it talks about here, just so there’s no confusion. It does say free forever. No hidden fees, and privacy is protected.

So that’s pretty much the freemium model that they now offer which is great in terms of their first pricing plan.

Now we move to email marketing which is the second one right here. Keep in mind that these are going to be the base prices. But they will increase if you need room for more contacts. You can also get a discount if you go with 12- or 24-month periods.

So once again with this you now get autoresponders, you get unlimited landing pages, unlimited website builder, basic segmentation, email scheduling, and of course integrations and API. And of course, as you need more contacts, the price is going to increase.

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So it really depends on what you need. So you know if you have less than a thousand, you would start there. If you had anywhere from like a thousand to twenty-five hundred, you’d be in that range and so on and so forth.

Okay next is gonna be marketing automation, where you get a lot of the bells and whistles. You get everything included in the previous ones. But now you get marketing automation, event-based automation, webinars advanced segmentation, contact scoring, and of course sales funnels. Last but not least is going to be e-commerce marketing.

So once again with this, you get all the previous stuff plus, you get quick transactional emails eCommerce segmentation, abandoned cart recovery, promo codes, product recommendations, and of course web push notifications. This is overall going to be better if you’re utilizing anything with e-commerce.

As you can see based on the features and perks, they’re going to be very e-commerce friendly. So all in all that’s going to be the pricing plans and what it comes along with. If you’re newer to email marketing, obviously you’ll probably want to start for free.

However, if you want some of the basic features here. Especially autoresponders. If you want to utilize those, it’d be a good idea to start there.

And of course, you’re going to be under a thousand contacts. Once you get more obviously you can move up in the context with the number that you need.

But the good thing about this from my experience is that it’s not all that difficult to make email marketing pay for itself.

I mean if you think about it having up to a thousand contacts for $19 a month, all you really need is about one sale. And it really depends on what you’re selling or promoting.

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But it obviously depends on the price of the product or what you’re promoting, whether it’s yours or someone else’s but heck you could even make a high ticket sale and you know an email marketing platform can pay off for itself for many months.

So, that’s just something to keep in mind when it comes to email marketing. And those are the pricing plans overall.

Over the top of Getresponse, if I change it to annually as well, know the differences in pricing. We’ve got here $15.58 on Getresponse and $16.15 on Aweber.

Now a lot of people would probably be sitting in the two-and-a-half thousand people subscriber list sort of bracket. So I’ll quickly show you what that is for monthly just because that’s mostly what people are gonna pay.

So once again Aweber is slightly more expensive at $19.99 per month while Getresponse is $19. Now in terms of functionality right what are the differences between the price points? Well, if you scroll down the screen on Aweber if you look they have the free and pro plans.

The pro plan’s got lots of green ticks in my mind, and that tells me that it’s fully featured which it is in terms of Aweber.

However, there is actually more functionality inside of Getresponse they’ve started new things. Like the web notifications as well as sales funnels and a lot of other things that they constantly seem to add to the dashboard.

I’ll show you more about that once we get into it as well. But those are just basically the two differences. You’ve also got the basics as well you’ve got to know newsletters, email marketing, autoresponders, landing pages things like that they both have unlimited.

So that’s completely fine. Once again, the price is all determined by the number of subscribers. Now there are actually a couple of other plans that you can have inside of Getresponse.

There’s the plus and the professional. Basically, the plus includes things like webinars which you can actually have inside of there.

It has more sales funnels that you can have inside of there as well. You’ve also got work together which is basically like a hub.

If you have workers that work for you inside of your company, you can actually give them access to that as well. And then you’ve also got things like the Aweber funnel.

And then you are sorry about the webinar funnel and you’ve also got some other things like link tracking to see where people are actually clicking.

So, then you can re-target ads and you can re-target lists and segment them from there so that’s basically what it is. There’s also a professional version which basically means unlimited everything.

Once again except for subscriber size. So, if that’s you, which is very cool. If you are using that, there is also a plan for that. The only difference from there is each one is slightly more expensive Than.

Last but most people are more than happy enough to use the basic membership. I’ve actually used a hybrid one. Because I’ve been with them so long. That they’re not actually using it anymore. But it’s basically a mix between basic and plus. And that’s more than enough for me. So, that’s basically the pricing guys.

GetResponse Pros And Cons

Now, so kind of wrapping things up and giving you the pros and cons. What I really like about getresponses, is they’re easy to use. You’re not going to really have that much difficulty going through figuring things out.

Yes, it might be a new platform with a new UI, and you might not be familiar with some of the buttons and where they are. But overall writing emails, creating autoresponders, and landing pages. Isn’t that challenging of a process and that’s really good.

Next, their email marketing is just great like I said, they’re veterans, and they’ve been around for a long time. They know what you’re doing and I really love their email marketing.

It’s also nice that they’ve added more features, perks, and bells and whistles. You depend on what plan you want. Obviously, you’re going to get specific features, but in my opinion, it’s at least a great thing that they added that.

So, you can always customize what you want depending on your needs and wants. And overall another thing is that they are affiliate marketing friendly. In fact, I think they are one of the best autoresponders or just email marketing software tools.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, they’ve allowed it for a very long time, and if you’re an affiliate marketer, getresponse is an autoresponder that you certainly want to try out. And last but not least they have fantastic pricing. You’re not exactly breaking the bank here.

Especially, when you can see the prices, and of course as you go up in a context that really means it’s going to allow you to make more money with your list. Assuming you’re doing things right?

You know you have some promos here, and there may be sent to a webinar, a mid-ticket item, high-ticket offer. But obviously, that’s going to be up to you and your marketing.

On the other side, there are not really many cons or dislikes. I do feel that they could have some more templates. When it comes to their landing pages, they’re all kind of basic. I don’t mind that. I love simple.

When it comes to templates, I have a feeling that a few people might want something a little bit more polished, a little bit more professional. They have a ton of templates when it comes to sending emails.

But I personally love leaving a blank as I talked about before. Fewer pictures equal fewer chances of ending up in the spam box. But overall, that has been my get response review. I highly recommend them. I think they are a fantastic email marketing platform.

My Opinion

That’s it, guys. In this blog, I have shared Getresponse vs Aweber pricing plans. When you compare two of these, you need to check their pricing plans and features. So, in my case, I suggest you go with Getresponse.

Because it has a better pricing plan and features. If you are a beginner, then you can go with Aweber. Once you have more subscribers, then you can go with Getresponse.

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I hope you have enjoyed this blog. If you have, share this with your downline. So I know you’ve enjoyed it. And if you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. There are loads of big things coming in the near future as well as loads of bonuses.

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