How To Make Money Online By Working Less?

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In 2022 most beginner wants to know How To Make Money Online By Working Less! Almost 5 billion people are on social media. It’s hard not to get caught up in what others are doing.

And with so many people posting their every waking moment on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and like you’re missing out on something.

Is It Easy To MAKE Money Online By Working Less On Social Media?

So, one of the worst things to emerge from social media is this concept of hustle culture. So, hustle culture was born out of the idea that you could always be doing something else to get ahead.

So that’s working on a side business, staying at the office after you’ve clocked out of your job, sucking up to your boss to get a promotion taking home your work over the weekend, or even being on call and answering emails while you’re on vacation. I know a ton of people in my office used to brag about this.

Now if you’re someone who’s trying to build a business on the internet, you’ve probably been bombarded with these messages that you need 12 streams of income. Or that you need to juggle multiple jobs or side hustles to get ahead.

But I want to tell you that this line of thinking is exactly what will keep you broke and unsuccessful for years to come.

Sure, a lot of people online say this looks like they’ve made it, but many of them aren’t actually as successful as they portray.

So, look at how many people are on TikTok or Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers. But no product to sell or any real business set up to make money from these followers.

So, ironically a lot of these same people who embrace hustle culture and preach it like it’s their religion aren’t actually living it. So, no one that I know maybe Elon musk or a robot can actually wake up at 4 am, jump in a cold shower, or have an ice bath.

Go to the gym for two hours before everyone’s awake. And then work until midnight people will burn out doing that. So, if hustle culture isn’t the way, how do we actually make money? Well, first we need to abandon the temptation to think we need to work all the time and be famous on social media to make money.

Instead, we should focus on the strategies that are proven to work that will pay off in the short and long term. And finally, we need to make sure that we’re in the right places like google and YouTube where people are actively looking for things to learn about and buy, instead of places where people are just looking to be entertained like social media.

How To Make Money Online By Working Less?

So, in this blog, I’m going to cover why hustling more is not really the answer to making a lot of money online, and how to work smarter while getting more done in the time you have without having to chase likes and follows without much to show for it in the end.

If you’ve gotten sucked into hustle culture online it’s not your fault. So social media algorithms are designed to keep you stuck on the screen for hours and hours and hours on end watching this stuff.

So, one minute you’re watching a guy in his garage with a Lamborghini talking about knowledge, and four hours later you’re down a rabbit hole of Gary vee’s endless rants, how he works eight hours a week and makes millions of pieces of content. I have nothing against these guys.

But most of their advice about hustling and grinding is doing nothing, but keeping you distracted from the things you should actually be doing the real strategy to make money, and building a business that can make you more money than any job you’ve ever had before.

You must work on stuff that moves the needle forward

So, when I first started, my goal was to build up my income to about ten thousand dollars a month. So, I could comfortably quit my day job that’s what I was making at the time. So, to do this I had to make sure that I was using the internet and the algorithms to my advantage.

So, the quickest way I knew how to do this from my job was to build my audience using google as my discovery tool by blogging on a regular basis.

blog growth formula-How To Make Money Online By Working Less

How do I make money online by working less? So, I started with on‐page SEO, using keywords, formatting the articles in a certain way, and then off‐page SEO. So, building backlinks to my blog.

So, I started blogging about software that businesses use on daily basis stuff that I knew about. And since I used a bunch of them at the company I worked for. I was familiar with things like crms, blog hosting, podcast platforms, and video conferencing software like zoom.

So, I started writing reviews and comparison posts using all my SEO knowledge. And google started to rank my articles and send me regular traffic. So, I was able to do that within about six months.

And from there I hired an extra content writer to help me scale my output and a personal assistant to help manage everything from link building to emails and all of that.

So, from there I built up my consulting and affiliate marketing revenue to 2000 dollars in revenue for the year 2019. Now, the reason this works so well was that I created something of real value. People would come to my site every single day.

Make buying decisions about the software they were going to use for their business. So, I broke everything down into easy‐to‐understand concepts. Working out the pros

and cons. So, that they could use my affiliate links and buy products. I wasn’t spending hours posting selfies or random stuff on Instagram.

Because no one really values that stuff. That type of baseless mindless content wouldn’t help me with what I was trying to do. I mean sure I used social media at the time.

But I didn’t spend all my time there trying to become the next influencer or building the following on these platforms from the beginning as most of these people are looking to be entertained not necessarily looking for something to buy.

So, I tell you this because, in order to succeed and build an online business, you need to be focused and deliberate with your time and what you’re actually doing. You also need to manage your time well.

How to use your time wisely

Now a lot of the hustle culture influencers will say you need multiple streams of income to become a millionaire. It’s often said to be seven streams of income. Now while that’s partially true. Most millionaires who are self‐made didn’t start with seven random income streams.

You begin with one, and that’s because you have to start small and build your project first as an income‐generating business. From there you have the skills and capital to invest and start other income streams.

So, for me, I started with only my blog as one income stream until I got it to a hundred thousand dollars a month.

Then I looked at other income streams. So, I dove into building a coaching program, where I would teach people how to build a blogging business and use it you know with their expertise on any given topic.

So, when you’re just starting out, you’re probably working eight hours a day making a salary to pay your bills.

That’s how most of us get started. So, you’re not only restricted by time but you’re also restricted by energy. So how much time can you actually dedicate to building something for yourself?

If it’s just an extra three to four hours a day, you want all of that energy to be directed to that and not spread out over 10 different businesses you’re trying to start.

Forget hustle culture and get focused

So ultimately you want to create a content‐driven business that you can build in your spare time. And it needs to be one that makes you money without being beholden to another boss or another company.

Something that makes you money month after month that frees you from this hamster wheel of content and having to be everywhere all at once like most of these gurus would have you believe.

Now once you’ve built these cash‐generating businesses, you can look at other revenue streams like sponsorships, advertising, selling courses, consulting, all those things.

And in time you build up multiple passive income streams that give you more time and more financial freedom than any hustle‐and‐grind Instagram account ever could.


In this blog, I cover how to make money online by working less. Let me know what you think are you a part of hustle culture, are you on Instagram? Do you see a lot of this stuff? How do you focus your time and energy? Let me know.

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