How To Make Money With Fiverr | Affiliate Marketing Case Study 2022

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Most people search on google that how to make money with Fiverr affiliates. So, anybody who wants to start their online journey of making money with simple methods can try out this method.

Because it actually works. And the results are fairly quick but you just have to try and test and follow what I’m going to teach. Also, I’m going to provide you with the scripts to get more sales. Jumping straight into the method.

What Is Fiverr?

  1. Fiverr is a global marketplace where people do freelance work online.
  2. You can find any kind of freelancing service here at very affordable prices.
  3. People offer their services in different fields like Designing, Data Entry, Programming, Marketing, Writing, etc.
  4. If you want someone to write you a research paper, then you need to post a request on Fiverr.
  5. Once you have posted your request, you can choose from various writers who have bid on your project.
  6. After choosing the writer, you pay him/her via PayPal.
  7. You get the completed piece of writing delivered within 24 hours.
  8. There is no commitment between you and the writer. You can cancel the order if you don’t like what he/she writes.
  9. It’s free to signup and lists your services on Fiverr.
  10. To make money, you have to sell your services.
  11. All the money earned from selling your services goes towards the cost of maintaining your account.
  12. You can use the funds to improve your skills.
  13. Your earnings will vary depending on how much time you invest on Fiverr.
  14. You can earn $50-$100 per hour.

Fiverr Affiliate Marketing

Just search on google for Fiverr affiliates. The page will appear. Click on the first page, if you don’t know.


Fiverr is the world’s largest platform where people come to buy and sell different services. But don’t worry, we are not going to buy or sell any of the services. We are just going to be intermediate.

We are just going to connect the buyers and the sellers. And we are going to make a bucket load of money. Because the Fiverr affiliate plan is structured that way.

If I go over on see commissions. What happens is that Fiverr is a place where you can get work done for very very cheap. Because the competition is very high.

So five dollars, ten dollars, there are many people selling a lot of services at that range. If we start selling those services we will make five dollars, ten dollars.

But, what if I tell you that we can make $50 dollars, $150 dollars, or $40 dollars per client? As you can see that different industries are written beside the amount. Doesn’t matter if it is being sold for five dollars, ten dollars, or fifteen dollars doesn’t matter.

We are going to make fifty dollars as affiliate commissions. Why? Because Fiverr thinks that once the people come on the website, they will buy again and again. So that is why they are paying us a higher amount.


For example, if I just go over to logo design. Over here you can see that the gigs the services are for $15 dollars, $25 dollars, and $10 dollars. So, we can start promoting these services. And if we get sales, we will make fifty dollars.

Doesn’t matter what is the amount over here and that is the best part. Because this is the selling point that we are going to tell to our clients that the services are at a super cheap rate.

And that is how we are going to get sales and make $50, $60, or $70 dollars. What needs to be said, how to attract the people, I am going to show you the exact script. Don’t worry.


So, I hope you get the idea of the Fiverr affiliate commission system.  Once you create your account, this will be the page that you will come on. To get your affiliate link that you need to start promoting, come over to the default and deep links in the marketing tools.

How To Copy Affiliate link On Fiverr

fiverr affiliate plan

Here you can see your affiliate link that you can start promoting. And you can see that there is a Fiverr CPA plan and a Fiverr hybrid plan. If you just go to the commissions, you can see that you can make $10 dollars in the first order.

And then 10 percent on other orders that the person does for the next 12 months. That is the hybrid plan.

Or you can get paid upfront a one-time commission that is mentioned over here. So, I usually go with the upfront one-time commission.

Because that is the simplest way of doing it. Now what happens is that if we just copy and paste this link, this will take the people to the main fiber page.

We don’t want that we are going to select very targeted good people, and good service providers to promote. And we are going to send our traffic to only those people.

So that we have the maximum chance of getting conversions. Because they will see that those good sellers have a lot of reviews and all the other different things.

Select A Job Category for Clients to Get Sales

fiverr-citations-How To Make Money With Fiverr

The service or the category that we are going to sell in this particular method is citations. If you just search over here for citations, you will see a lot of people selling this. Citations are basically referrals to a particular website.

So that they can get higher in the google search ranking and you can see that people are doing 20,000 map citations, google map citations for $5 dollars, $10 dollars.

So this is what we need. This is very good. Because this is a price point that any business will not think about twice. Because, if they are getting a higher ranking just by spending $5, they will not think too much.

So what you can do is select any of the sellers from over here that you want. Depending on the ratings they have. Depending on the pricing they have. You can just select let’s say this one over here.

fiverr-link-copy How To Make Money With Fiverr

In the URL over here, you can see a question mark over here. So whatever is before this question mark, just copy all of this.


Come back to Fiverr LP URL and paste the URL over here that you have copied and click enter. Then you can see that this has become your Fiverr affiliate link for that particular seller.

If somebody purchases the product, we are going to make $40 to $50, depending on which category this person has listed.

Fiverr Affiliate Email Scripts

Now once you have the link, now this is the exact script that I used in order to get all of these different sales. If you want a copy of this script, then here is the script link from down below.

Just get the idea of what we are going to do over here. I am going to show you a special way of finding all of these different clients. Not just restaurants in New York and you will search on google.

No. There is a unique way that I’m going to tell. So, you can say just hi. The person’s name. I was just going through different now whatever is the category of that particular business, restaurants in New York. Or accountants in New York.

We are not here to sell anything. We need to first gain the trust of the people. And we need to tell them that it is a super simple thing that you can do yourself. I’m not here to sell anything. I’m not here with any other motive.

But then we can just recommend them or you can have a professional do the grind work for you for dirt cheap prices of five to ten dollars. Here you can provide your Fiverr affiliate link. And then some results are also attached below.

So you can just go to that person and click. Click a screenshot of this particular result over the gigs. If you scroll down below you can see plenty of reviews. Click screenshots of any of the reviews and attach them to the mail we are going to send.

So did you get the idea we are telling them that you can do all of this on your own as well? It is not that big of a deal. I’m not here to sell anything.

But if you want a professional to do it for you for dirt cheap prices, here is the link this actually gets sales. Because people understand that we are just providing a friendly suggestion.

Now for the subject lines, you can just say:

  • increase your google ranking
  • just a friendly suggestion for your business
  • I found your business on the 15th page of google
  • a simple way to increase sales in your business
  • you are losing too much money in your business.

So, something like this you can try and test different subject lines. But this is the main idea behind the script. Now once you have done that, now to get clients. I am going to show you a unique way of getting client lists that you can start targeting.

But first, let me show you the basic way that I have talked about in the past in my blogs. So that you know each and every method.

How To Get Clients for Making Money with Fiverr

You can just search for ‘’accountants in New York’’. Accountants in different cities in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Then accountants can be any other profession like doctors, lawyers, fitness trainers, anything. This way you can get a list of people.


You can scroll down below and you can click over here on more businesses. This is the google maps listing that people need to get a higher ranking on. So, you can just go to the bottom of the seventh, or eighth page.

How To Contact Them

you can just click over here on their website and I’m sure they will have some other kind of contact us page where you can get their email address or their Instagram id, or their Facebook id where you can approach them.

chrisyorkcpa-making money with fiverr

As you can see, they have a Facebook. So, you can just open their Facebook and scroll down below. And you can see that you have got their email address that you can contact.

So this is how you can get the email address and contact details of the people from this google maps form. Also, you can click a screenshot of the google map page and attach it to your script in the first part where you say that you didn’t find them in the top ranking. So, you can just attach a screenshot of this part.

Target The Best Keyword To Make Money with Fiverr

Now the special way that I have just been trying out for the past few days, past few weeks is to search over here for any city. ‘’small business lists’’, ‘’small business directory’’ ‘’small business listings’’.

When you type this keyword on google, then you can see ‘’new Orleans small business list’’.  You can see ‘’new Orleans small business directory’’. You can just do this for as many cities in the USA as possible.

Arizona, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, just click on the first link over the top. You will be taken on to the official website and you can see that you have a list of all these different subcategories.

And if you just click over any topic like ‘’beauty and skincare’’. You will see all of these different listings over the page. And again, you can do this each and every month. Because this list is updated from time to time whenever there is a new listing.

So, you can do this for your face and beauty. You can do this for accounting, advertising, banks, businesses anything. There is a list of many things. Plus, there is a number of cities that you can start doing this for.

So all you need to do is to go over the page. After that just click over on their business and just see, if they have a website, a Facebook, or a social media presence that you can approach. Because they need a website. So that you can tell them to get ranked. You can just go back and do this research again and again till you find targeted clients.

This actually converts. Because these are new people small businesses and they won’t mind spending $10 to $15 for getting a higher listing. If you just come to this person, you can see that they have Facebook again.

Go to their Facebook.  Just see, if they have a website, they have an email address. They are active on their Facebook as well. And this is how you can find highly targeted active new businesses that you can start targeting.

So, I had almost five to six different Gmail addresses. And I am going to mail two emails per hour from each of those email addresses. So, you can just have a list of these people that you want to approach and one by one two emails per hour from one Gmail address.

You can approach different businesses. This is a phenomenal highly targeted method that can start making you money because these are new upcoming businesses. Follow the steps to make money with Fiverr.

My Opinion

In this blog, I’m sharing:

  • How To Make Money With Fiverr
  • Fiverr Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Copy Affiliate link On Fiverr
  • Select A Job Category for Clients to Get Sales
  • Affiliate Email Scripts
  • How To Get Clients for Making Money with Fiverr

This method is working wonders and I’m making money each and every day. Almost two to three hundred dollars was earned just with my first days of work. I’ve been trying out quite a few Fiverr affiliate methods.

Because the payout is very very great. I provide you with the exact script that I have been using to get sales. Then I show you a new way of getting lists of clients that you can start approaching very quickly and start making money.

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