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If you don’t like writing articles, write blogs, write blog posts. Or maybe, you don’t have the time to do so. And you don’t have the money to invest in writers. That’s fine.

Today in this blog Hasan from h-educate will show you step-by-step how to write A blog post on WordPress using ai. and for free! And even if you are not perfect in English like me, this video will definitely help you.

How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress Using AI

So step number one for writing blog posts is to create a new empty post. If you are inside WordPress, go here to post. Click add new. Open a new Google Docs document wherever you are on your Blogger WordPress site. Just open an empty document to write our article and then add the post.

How To Choose Blog Post Title

Step number two is you have to choose the topic, title, and target keyword for writing a blog post. So, in my case, for example, I will be writing about affiliate marketing tips. So, this is the topic of my article.

Step two is to write or craft the title of your article. So, we need to enter the title. Of course, you can sit down and start thinking about catchy titles, optimize for SEO, whatever.

How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress Using AI

But you can go here to h-super tools. My free platform. Go here to YouTube ai title generator. It’s for YouTube videos, and it will help you craft new titles based on keywords with the power of artificial intelligence


It’s totally free by the way. Just go here, I say affiliate marketing tips or something generates another tool that will give you some ideas.

Let’s wait a little bit. How to become a successful affiliate marketer in less than 10 minutes! How to dominate your affiliate marketing competition with these powerful tips!

So, we’re going to get some catchy titles for our article. Let’s say, I picked (10 simple tips to improve your affiliate marketing results instantly) this one.

And by the way, before I pick this, you can simply click generate again if you didn’t like those and see other lists of titles. You can see it here, I will pick this one.

I like it more so this is the title 10 simple tips to improve your affiliate marketing results instantly. Then we have the focus keyword. What is the focus keyword?

It is simply the keyword we are targeting with SEO. Let’s explain this in 30 seconds. If you go here, underpin, and when someone searches for something like ‘affiliate marketing tips,’ this is called a keyword that people are searching for. So, in my case, for example, I can target this keyword.

If I say now enter, you will see a list of articles. I want my article to rank on top of Google when people search for this keyword. I have a search volume of 320. Let’s see the competition. I will copy this keyword. Go again to the h-super tools SEO keyword research tool.

affiliate marketing tips

Open it. It’s also free. Paste it here. Then click on I’m a robot. And then click search. And you will see the monthly search volume. You will see the related keywords. You will see SEO difficulty 55.

That’s okay and so on. Also, you can get some ideas if you want to change the keyword. So, let’s say I picked up affiliate marketing tips.

Just a note- you need to optimize the title also for this keyword. I’ll talk about this in a little bit. Follow up with me if you want more info on how.

The third step is to write the outline of an article. Let me show you what to do. Also, this is for free. Again, go to h-super tools. One tool that has everything. Go here to the ai outline generator. And here again, I will copy the topic ‘affiliate marketing tips, and paste it here to generate.

Let’s wait a little bit. And here we are. We got a full outline for every paragraph. What’s affiliate marketing? How does it work? Different types, success, whatever. So, you can copy or simply generate it again if you didn’t like anyone.

You can modify and customize it in any way you want. Let’s copy someone else. Paste it here. The seventh is the conclusion or if you want the TLDR.

How to make a blog post on WordPress

1. Create Paragraphs For Your WordPress Blog:

Now that we have the outline, we need to create a paragraph based on each heading in the outline.

Do most people ask How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress Using AI? So, only for How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress Using AI.

when you have the headings and you need to write about this topic using ai. How to do it? Copy your heading. Go again to h-super tools. Go here to ai content generator. It’s a free content generator. Paste the topic. Select the maximum number of words. By the way, I will tell you the secret behind these tools.

The content generator, what is ai, and how they work in the back end. So, stay tuned. I will give you some tips on how to make articles. First, copy an article and paste it into your note. Now we have the first paragraph. Again, you can copy the next two paragraphs; then after that, you will be generating paragraphs for each heading.

2. What Is Ai? And How It Works On WordPress Blog post

Since you are working with ai, even if you are not in the technical field. I believe you need to understand how ai works. In just a couple of seconds, ai stands for artificial intelligence.

So how does it work? Simply we train the machine, we train the computer with a lot of articles, a lot of content, we train it, train it, again and again until the computer will be able to craft and create and write articles by itself as you can see here. So, it’s about machine learning.

If you had this term before machine learning. We are teaching the machine, how to do something by training it. Then it will be an intelligent PC that can do things like writing articles.


If you had about jasper. For example, this service. It’s one of the top services used for content generation to write articles, ad copies, or whatever you want with the power of ai. You can see you can start with 24 dollars. And if you want to test this service, I will leave a link where you can get a trial to test it for free!

I’m just going to play with it and see how it works. But we don’t need it for this article. We are working with h-super tools totally for free. I mentioned it just in case you don’t know how things work. In this way, we can write the article.

3. Is This Enough To Create a Blog?

Of course, no. If you want to give real value to your visitors. If you’re building a blogging business, a blog is a good place to start. You have to add your own touch to this article.



How I will mention now two things. Number one is you can go here to websites like Statista. This website will give you a lot of statistics about a lot of things worldwide. You can get statistics from this website and use them inside your article. This will add much value to your post.

The second thing is to add your own experience and case study. So, you can add some paragraphs that personalize the article. In this way, you will add much value to your readers. Try your best to do this.

4. Some Secrets About Write Blog Posts

Now, let’s reveal some secrets. If you go here, open a new tab and go here to Then go here to ‘API’ and sign up. I will log in now with my account. What’s up in ai? It’s an ai project that will help anyone build content generating tool based on what we call the GPT 3 model.

Forget about all these terms. Let’s tell now about the power of this ai model. If you go to the playground, and by the way when you sign up you will get a lot of free credits. You can test it for free. And let’s type here ‘generate five ideas about affiliate marketing for example. Click here to submit.

And then, you can see it will generate ideas for you. You have an ai writing assistant that can help you do anything while generating content. If you go here to the examples sections and go down, you can see TLDR summarization. Click on that. then click the open in playground button.

So, you have a paragraph or any piece of content. paste on the TLDR box. When you click submit, it will give you the summary of this paragraph. So, you can paste your article and get also a summary, and a conclusion and use it in your article for free.

open ai

You have a lot of frequents to use with openai. And by the way, almost all services use openai gpt3 to generate content. And soon I will teach you how to build your own tool that generates content based on openai. Before revealing the second secret, I want to tell you something about ai content generator tools.

Whether you are using jasper premium services or my free tools generate content. Please memorize these ai content generators. Must be used as a writing assistant and not just generate copy and paste if you want to be successful.

If you are building a blogging business, you have to use it as an assistant. And not just copy and paste exactly the same words.


If you need something more advanced, you can go to this website quillbot. This is an ai paraphrasing tool. So, you can paste your content and the text paraphrase. It will give you a paraphrased version of your paragraph based on Ai you can see.

I believe the best way to use content generators is not to write articles for your main website. It’s good for affiliate articles, like articles to promote something.

It will help you craft something fast to promote with paid ads or maybe to write a tool description as an example. If you go here you can see this is a tools website I built. so let’s say we go to the YouTube keyword tool.

you see we have a full description here about this tool. you can use content generators to write a tool description in blogging using an assistant, and not copy and paste if you want to be successful.

secret number two is when you finish writing the article and post, that’s not enough. we need to rank it on top of google to get free traffic, how to do this? we need to optimize it for google and this is what you will learn in this blog post step by step read it, implement it and see how you can get free traffic from google.

Frequently Asked Section (FAQ)

5 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Growing

How To Write WordPress Blog Post

Write down what you want to say.
Choose a title to write a blog. Add some pictures to the WordPress blog of your article.
Make sure you have written everything correctly.

How To Write a Blog Post for Beginners | Or How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress Using AI

1. Make sure you have enough content: Blogging is about sharing information with others. If you don’t have anything to share, then no one will read what you wrote. You need to make sure you have something interesting to say before you start writing.
2. Write about things that interest you: If you’re going to write about a topic that doesn’t interest you, then no one else will either. Choose topics that you enjoy talking about.
3. Be consistent: Consistency is key to blogging success. Don’t expect people to keep reading if they only get to know you once or twice. Keep posting regularly.
4. Use keywords: Keywords help search engines find your posts. Include them in your titles, tags, and body text.
Promote yourself: Promoting yourself is just as important as promoting your blog. Share your posts on social media sites and link back to your own site.

How Do I Write Blog Posts

Research: Before you start writing a blog post, make sure you have done some research on what you want to write about. You should know what people are searching for online and what topics they are interested in reading about. If you don’t do any research, you might end up writing something no one wants to read.

Plan: Once you’ve done your research, plan out what you’re going to say. Think about how you’re going to organize your ideas and how you’re going to present them. Also, think about who you’re writing for and how you’re going to fit their needs.

Structure: Make sure you have a clear outline of what you’re going to talk about before you begin writing. Make sure you know where you’re going to start and end.

Writing: Writing is probably the hardest part of blogging. Once you get started, keep at it! Don’t let yourself get distracted by social media or anything else. Just focus on writing your blog post and getting it finished.

Editing: After you finish writing your blog post, go back over it and edit it. Look for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Make sure everything makes sense and flows well.

Publishing: Publish your blog post! There’s nothing worse than spending hours writing a blog post only to never publish it. Make sure you publish it on time and make sure it gets seen.

And That’s All For Now. Hope you like it. If you like this blog (How To Write A Blog Post On WordPress Using AI), then feel free to share it with your friends who are trying to start a new WordPress blog.

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