3 Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings Instantly

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Hey, how’s it going SEO peeps? What I want to talk to you about today are just 3 Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings Instantly.

I’m not talking about the slow stuff you know building backlinks and building traffic over time. I’m talking about stuff that you can do today to increase your affiliate earnings.

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

1. Re-Negotiate Your Affiliate Partnerships

Now, the first one I want to talk about is simply re-negotiating your affiliate partnerships. Now, I don’t know if you know this. But when you sign up for an affiliate program, you’re starting off at the BOK rock bottom Commission rate.

Meaning that let’s say you sign up for promoting some protein supplement, and you’re getting 10% off for that. You’re getting in at the bottom rate that they give out.

These affiliate managers always have arranged what they’re able to give based on the profit margins that they create.

And when you’re first starting out, you’re starting at the bottom. Now once you start to sell more and more of that product over time, you build some more trust with these guys.

They are gonna give you a higher commission rate. You just need to reconnect with them and ask for it.

And position it in wait that sounds like a win-win just say, like hey, we’re doing some reorganization of our budget, we’re trying to decide what to put more content into, what to promote harder.

I was wondering if you could make it worth my while to increase our commission rates, so we can go harder with your product. So a solid win for both parties.

2. Rent Your Pixel Data

Now the second tip I got for you is to think outside the box a little bit and go out and actually rent out your Facebook pixel. Now, what does this mean, right?

So, you have an affiliate website, it gets ten thousand, twenty thousand, hundred thousand visitors per month. That traffic is obviously good for you. Because you can use that traffic to convert it into actual affiliate commissions.

But who else might be interested in that traffic? Especially the information about these visitors is people running Facebook Ads. So, the affiliate partners themselves.

So you can reach out to them and say, hey, I noticed you’re running Facebook Ads for your products. Would you like to retarget my Facebook pixel in order to get warmer leads?

So this is something I’ve done on multiple occasions renting out the Facebook pixel for 500 up to $1,500 a month. It’s a quick win-win as well. You give them access to the Facebook pixel just by sharing the audience.

And in exchange, you’ve set up the subscription on PayPal, or whatever. And they get warm leads. They get better conversions on their Facebook ads.

Again, solid win and an easy thing to set up. That said is this gdpr compliant? I have no freaking idea. But I’m not from Europe.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

And for the last tip on instant increases in affiliate earnings, I’m gonna refer to an acronym. You’ve probably heard a lot about lately, which is (CRO) conversion rate optimization.

Which is basically the art of taking the existing traffic you have on your website. And getting them to do what you want them to do. Which is basically clicking on those affiliate links and buying products.

Now I like to break this down into three subsections you have three basic tasks.

  • Get the person to read your content in the first place.
  • Get them to continue reading that content.
  • Actually, click on those affiliate links.

Now for number one getting them to read the content in the first place. One of the best tips I can tell you is don’t start off with your content with a bunch of fluff. Let’s say, you’re trying to rank for the best hair straighteners.

Right? Is someone searching for the best hair straighteners? They know what hair straighteners are. They’re ready to find out which one the best one is.

So don’t give them a piece of introduction content that’s about, what is hair straightening. And how does it work?

And why that can make you look awesome? Get into it right away. Talk about all the different models that are out. The type of research you did.

That kind of stuff and let someone know that they’re in the right place, and they’re gonna get to their solution quite quickly.

So number two getting people to continue reading. You have to remember in this day and age we have attention deficit disorder on the internet. Big time, Facebook’s going off, and Instagram going off.

We’re getting pulled in different directions. People don’t want to commit a long time to reading stuff that doesn’t look fun. That’s gonna take a long time. So, don’t serve them up big walls of text, dress up your content with images.

Use call-outs, expert quotes, all these different list items tables, and stuff like that. So people that are in a rush can scroll through and get to the content they want.

But also have these hooks that’ll keep them reading and let them feel like, they’re still getting to the right answer.


They’re looking for now lastly. How do you get them to click on those links? At the end of the whole process.

  1. This is old marketing copy. But you’re gonna talk about benefits and not features. Don’t talk about the wattage of this hair straightener.

You’re going to talk about the amazing curl, that you get from it. You’re gonna talk about how long it lasts that kind of stuff the actual benefits that the consumer gets.

Not these little features that they wouldn’t really be caring about. And then lastly a strong call to action. A color of the button that is opposite. But complimentary to the theme of your website and you’ll be in good shape.

I just cover 3 Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings Instantly In short. Now I hope this stuff helps, if you’re into these kinds of tips.

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