The Hilarious World of MLM Memes

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MLM, commonly referred to as pyramid marketing, network marketing, or referral marketing, has come under fire recently for its dubious methods and false claims. MLM schemes frequently become contagious and spread like a virus. MLM memes have proliferated as a result, mocking these schemes and offering some much-needed comic relief.

We’ll look at some of The Hilarious World of MLM Memes that highlight the oddities of the MLM business model in this article.

Growing MLM Memes

The Hilarious World of MLM Memes

MLM memes have gained popularity as a form of social criticism by drawing attention to the dubious methods used by MLM businesses and the exaggerated claims they make. These memes serve as a helpful reminder to be on the lookout for scams that promise rapid riches. Let’s explore some of the most humorous and relatable MLM memes that have gone viral online.

MLM Meme No. 1: The False Karen

Karen made grand promises, but life had other ideas. This image perfectly expresses the sadness and annoyance that many people feel after falling for MLM scams that make fictitious promises of financial security and success.

MLM Meme 2: Take off, Bilbo!

In the same way that Bilbo Baggins had to flee from a dangerous situation, we should also avoid MLM schemes. This meme effectively conveys the necessity of avoiding MLMs and their deceptive practices through humor.

The Purple Card Mirage, MLM Meme No. 3

MLM distributors frequently display their tiny purple cards, which are supposed to represent their accomplishments, in order to display their “success”. The irony of basing one’s accomplishments on a pointless card, however, is highlighted by this meme, emphasizing how false MLM claims are.

Stop Telling Me, MLM #4

MLM recruiters are infamous for relentlessly pitching friends and acquaintances. This meme encourages MLM recruiters to stop their continuous solicitations by playfully capturing the frustration of always being pursued by them.

Meme #5 from MLM: The 99 Percent

The small percentage of distributors who have considerable financial success is something MLM businesses frequently brag about. This meme ironically draws attention to the fact that the majority of participants experience disappointment and disillusionment.

The Half-Hearted Recruitment, MLM Meme No. 6

MLM recruiters occasionally succeed in catching our attention before revealing their genuine motives. The initial intrigue and sudden realization that the potential being offered is nothing more than a pyramid scheme are both captured in this meme.

Mascara Madness, MLM Meme 7

MLM businesses frequently concentrate on cosmetics and skincare items, with mascara being a well-liked product. This meme mockingly draws attention to the propensity of MLM distributors to advertise their mascara as if it has magical properties.

Making Your Own Hilarious Memes

There are several internet tools that make it simple to build memes if these MLM memes have inspired you to develop your own. Visit The Funny Beaver website to let your imagination go wild and create your own amusing memes.

Let’s now examine a selection of popular MLM memes that have circulated on social media. These memes offer an insight into the ridiculousness and dubious business practices of MLM firms.

MLM Meme 8: Herba Life, correct?

Well-known MLM company Herba Life has come under fire and scrutiny for its business practices. This meme jestingly doubts the reliability and efficacy of their goods.

Meme #9 from MLM: Screech Approved

Another well-known MLM company, LulaRoe, has come under fire for its subpar apparel and dubious business practices. In a fun way, this meme implies that Screech from “Saved by the Bell” supports LulaRoe.

MLM Meme 10: The MLM Golden Rule

Family and friends are frequently recruited as part of the first MLM rule. This meme makes fun of the awkwardness that inevitably ensues when we try to sign up our loved ones for MLM programs.

MLM Meme No. 11: Karen

Our inboxes sometimes become overrun by MLM messages, which can be overwhelming. This meme depicts the barrage of emails from enthusiastic MLM recruiters in a lighthearted manner, advising us to defend ourselves against their seductive techniques.

Be Your Own Boss, MLM Meme 12!

MLM businesses frequently make lofty claims about giving you the chance to work for yourself and make a good living. The real boss, though, according to this meme, might well be the MLM business itself.

Bully Wanna Buy? is MLM Meme No. 13.

Some MLM distributors use pushy sales techniques, even intimidating people into purchasing their goods. This meme mockingly draws attention to some MLM distributors’ pushiness.

Promoting the Unpromotable (MLM Meme 14)

MLM distributors frequently find themselves pushing hard-to-sell products. The difficulty of attempting to advertise goods that have little to no demand is delightfully captured in this meme.

Meme #15 from MLM: The 9-to-5 Scam

MLM businesses frequently attempt to persuade consumers that conventional employment is a fraud and that MLMs are the only route to financial independence. The idea that a conventional 9 to 5 work is necessarily dishonest is mocked by this meme.

The Never-Joined Victory, MLM Meme 16

A triumph in and of itself can be avoiding MLM schemes. This meme mockingly honors people who were able to avoid MLMs and their alluring but false promises.

MLM Meme No. 17: More Money or More Disappointment?

MLM businesses frequently promote their opportunities as a means of generating extra income. This meme, on the other hand, jokingly queries if the extra money is worth the disappointment and annoyance that frequently accompany MLM participation.

Grandma’s Sponsored Adventure (MLM Meme 18)

MLM recruiters frequently target disadvantaged demographics, such as grandmothers. In this humorous meme, a grandmother is shown enthusiastically embracing an MLM opportunity, much to the delight of her grandkids.

MLM Meme 19: The Myth of Work-from-Home Jobs

MLM businesses frequently entice those looking for flexible work-from-home options. This meme, however, jokingly challenges if MLMs actually provide a stable and rewarding job alternative.

The Meeting Attendee (MLM Meme 20)

Being present at an MLM meeting can be enlightening. The astonishment and amazement that frequently accompany these meetings, when grandiose claims are made to entice potential recruits, are humorously captured in this image.

MLM Meme 21: It’s Oils, Not Beer!

Many MLM companies have started to use essential oils as branding. This meme jokingly asserts that, despite how unconnected some issues may seem, essential oils are the solution to all of them.

Meme #22 from MLM: The Spread of New Toxins

MLM vendors frequently make the promise that their goods can cleanse the body of pollutants. The ironic implication of this meme is that these distributors might be producing new toxins as they go.

Meme #23 from MLM: Assume and Run!

In MLM recruitment efforts, false promises and misleading assumptions are frequent. When MLM prospects are presented, this meme promotes doubt and skepticism.

Be Your Own Boss—They’re Waiting! MLM Meme 24

One of the main selling points for MLM businesses is the appeal of becoming your own boss. The assumption that everyone is impatiently waiting for us to become our own bosses is mocked in this joke.

The Bump Its Encounter, MLM Meme 25

MLM distributors frequently advertise a broad range of goods, even seemingly odd things like “bump its.” This meme jokingly casts doubt on the utility and necessity of such things.

Meme #26 from MLM: It’s Just You and Me

MLM recruiters frequently attempt to persuade potential candidates that they have a special opportunity that is only being provided to a small number of people. This meme shows the folly of such arguments in a hilarious way.

Join the Facebook MLM Party, MLM Meme #27

To find new members, many MLM businesses rely heavily on social networking sites, particularly Facebook. This meme mockingly depicts the constant recruiting efforts made on Facebook.

MLM Meme 28: The Battle of the Pyramid Schemes

Due to their hierarchical nature, MLM businesses are frequently connected with the phrase “pyramid scheme”. This meme makes the lighthearted claim that MLM distributors are prepared to fight the flu with their essential oils.

Monat Lisa’s Hair Detox, MLM Meme 29

A well-known MLM company that specializes in hair care products, Monat, has come under fire for allegedly causing hair damage. This joke argues that Monat’s distributors should excuse any hair problems as a result of the detoxification procedure.

Essential Oil Indifference (MLM Meme 30)

The allure of essential oils and the MLM sector does not appeal to everyone. This meme mockingly depicts a person who is content and doesn’t require a side job.

MLM Meme 31: The Uncertain Expectation

Participating in an MLM scheme might lead to uncertainty and mistrust. This meme playfully depicts the internal conflict experienced by someone debating whether to jump in or not.

Christian Mothers and MLMs: MLM Meme 32

MLM businesses frequently target particular groups of people, including Christian mothers. This meme jokingly asserts that even devoted Christians can’t resist MLMs’ charm.

Hard-to-Swallow MLM Pills, MLM Meme 33

MLM businesses commonly promote different medications and supplements for health. This meme mockingly illustrates, both literally and figuratively, how challenging it is to take MLM pills.

MLM Meme 34: Anyone for leggings?

Leggings are a common example of clothes that MLM businesses promote. In a lighthearted way, this meme advises about falling for MLM scams and avoiding the leggings sales pitch.


MLM memes offer a humorous yet perceptive viewpoint on the multi-level marketing industry. These memes make fun of MLM firms’ dishonest business practices, bogus promises, and unrelenting recruitment efforts. Let’s keep in mind to approach MLM “opportunities” with caution and a healthy dose of skepticism as we navigate the online world saturated with them. Re-read these humorous memes that remind us not to take MLMs too seriously if you ever need a good laugh.

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