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Hey guys, I’m going to be sharing with you How to Get Powerful Backlinks for Free with this Easy Outreach Strategy. And a backlink technique that’s allowing me and my agency to get very powerful backlinks. Surprisingly powerful backlinks.

How to Get Powerful Backlinks for Free

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Sometimes even from home pages for absolutely free. No, I know they say in life nothing comes for free. But these literally are free. And I’m going to walk you through the whole process right now. It leverages a concept called social proof which I’m sure you’ve heard of before.

What Is Social Proof?

Well think about it like this, imagine your business selling anything, any kind of product for service. Maybe you’re selling Instagram shares or something like that. You make your store, you make your brand, and you make your website.

Now, what’s the first thing you need from other people in order to sell your product and sell your service? You need testimonials you need reviews. And people that are owning businesses, owning products, and services are desperately in need of these. And you can leverage that in exchange for backlinks.

Identify Those Sites

So let me tell you how this whole thing plays out. An example of an affiliate website in the health and fitness niche. Now the first thing you want to do is you want to identify these link targets. You want to identify those sites that you want links from in the first place.

So great examples of these would be looking at your competitors and just seeing who they’re linking out to. Who are these products that are needing these reviews, who are these products that need these recommendations, that make these top five lists?

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These are all prime candidates right here. So maybe these guys are protein powders, pre-workouts, testosterone boosters, all this kind of stuff. These are all prime targets for yourself.

So go through the normal processes of identifying and finding out the email addresses, maybe using hunter IO or maybe just go into their contact form. Businesses like these, answer their contact forms in their best interests to answer questions and make some sales.

So, they’re easy to get ahold of. So now you got on all their email address. You know how to contact them. Here’s how the pitch goes.

The Pitch

So you have one of two different ways. In option number one, you could say: hey, I got this health website in the fitness niche. Where an authority in the space. You can see us ranking for this and that now we’re considering writing an article about [blank].

Whatever category that they operate in. And we’re considering adding you to the list or maybe we’ll even revive a write a standalone review of your product itself.

Would you be interested in probably providing us with some information on this topic and maybe even a backlink in return for writing you a positive review? They’re gonna take the bait on this. They’re gonna love this idea.

Because they’re dying for these kinds of positive testimonials, these positive reviews. And if all it takes is a backlink to secure it. They’re gonna get it another option would be-
Let’s say, you’ve already written an article on ‘’best protein powders’’ for example.

And these guys are sitting at number seven or something. Can reach out and say, hey we wrote this article before, but at the time we didn’t know too much about your products.

So, we put your kind of low on the list. But maybe you could teach us a little bit more about that product. And we can see about moving you higher in there.

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And possibly you know maybe in the top three for an exchange of a backlink. Of course for our efforts. What do you think about that? And surprisingly enough this converts very very well. Why? Because all these businesses really need social proof.

Now let’s take the example of a local SEO site. Let’s say you have a client named ‘’John’’. John is a plumber in Chicago. And John needs some backlinks to rank. Of course, he does. So one thing you can do is you could reach out to let’s say ‘’water damage companies in Chicago’’. And say:

Hey, I’m writing a roundup of Chicago’s best services for people that are having water issues. So maybe like ‘’top five water damage companies in Chicago’’. And I was thinking about adding you to the list.

Now if he gets links from various water damage companies in Chicago. This is a double powerful effect. Because he’s getting local relevance from a Chicago link and all industrial relevance. Because he’s getting a link from a shoulder niche. Water damage, plumbing, close enough. Right?

Write The Article And Land The Link.

So, now it’s the easy part. Now you just write the dang article. Reach out to them later, and then boom. You got your link. But here’s where you can turn up the heat.

Now check this out. One thing that we do for all of our sites whether they’re our affiliate sites, local Legion sites, or whatever. Are we have a person attached to them? This is to address some quote-unquote EAT concerns.

Maybe real websites need authorship and all that. Whether or not you believe that’s true. We still have authorship for our website. So, what we like to do is later on, maybe a couple of weeks later after we get these links, and say is reach out to these guys, and we say:

Hey, you know what our editor-in-chief Jack had a chance to try this product and he has some great things to say about it. Would you be interested in taking his testimonial and maybe placing that on the homepage, and of course by giving us to link back to the site?


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Amazingly, enough this converts and we’ve been fortunate enough to get some crazy like dr-60, and dr70, and backlinks directly from home pages. There’s nothing like it’s freaking crazy.

In this blog, I cover How to Get Powerful Backlinks for Free with this Easy Outreach Strategy. So, if you want the full spec, the full playbook on how to run this technique check out our other link-building tactics.

You’ll have the full write-up. You’ll see our pitches; you’ll see how everything works. You’ll even see the backlinks, that we’ve nailed from this technique.

It’s freaking crazy and if you want any more backlink techniques like that, if you want to stay up to date on all this kind of stuff that I’m coming up with subscribe to our newsletter and definitely look out for the technique, we’re using to find real authors for our websites, real influencers that are checking off that.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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How to get good backlinks to my website?

Backlinks are definitely one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO, but many people don’t know how to get them naturally. Do you have any tips?

Getting good backlinks is essential for Google’s ranking algorithm. But how do you go about getting them? There are a few different methods, including paying for links, submitting high-quality content, and building reciprocal relationships with other sites.

Before you can do any of these things, you need to make sure your website is optimized for SEO. Here are some tips I share to help you achieve good backlinks quickly and easily.

How to get backlinks for SEO?

In my opinion, getting backlinks is one of the most important things you can do for your SEO efforts. After all, they are the links that will help your website rank higher in search engines. However, gaining backlinks can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

Remember when we mentioned that Google favors websites with quality content? Well, backlinks are one of the best ways to provide quality content and improve your website’s ranking. But gaining backlinks isn’t easy – it takes time, effort and potentially a financial commitment.

There are a few things you can do to make your SEO campaign more successful: 1) create high-quality content; 2) focus on key phrases; 3) outreach to bloggers and other influential people; 4) optimize your website for mobile users; 5) create engaging videos orsnaps. Here are five tools to help you get started with SEO.

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