Rank Math Vs Yoast | Which Is The Best SEO Plugin In 2023

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Should you use Rank Math Or Yoast SEO for search engine optimization on your WordPress site? One of the reasons I’m looking into Rank Math is because I’m trying to optimize my website for speed in the iconic leap platform.

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO Comparison


I saw that in the list of recommendations. It says 30 of the domains in the leap platform using the Yoast SEO plugin, which I’m currently using, perform significantly worse than the average site.

And that prompted me, so I checked out other alternatives and that’s when I stumbled onto Rank Math.

Now I can’t say that I stumbled upon it; I knew this plugin since its beginning. But I thought it was something new. I’m not sure if it is stable. So I thought I’d just wait for a while and see if anyone else has any experience with it.

Just wait for a while and you know when you’re comfortable using one plugin, there is really no need for you to look for another.

Even when there are other options available, you’ll probably wait for a very long time before doing anything about them and that’s exactly what’s happening to me at the moment.

So I looked into Rank Math and boy it is such an easy way to save money. Let me tell you that and I’m asking myself why I didn’t look into it sooner.

Let me give you a few examples. In Yoast SEO Premium, one that you pay for (not the free version). The extra features are:

  • The Redirection Tool: This is useful when deleting or changing URLs.
  • Internal Linking Suggestions: They have a feature to suggest great articles for internal linking.
  • Multiple Keyword Optimization: You can optimize your article for several keywords.

These are the features that will set you back $89 per site. But in Rank Math, This is all for free for unlimited sites.


And I’ve always been reserved to buy local SEO, news SEO, and WooCommerce SEO from Yoast. Because they were so expensive individually and if I want to get them all it’s $299 per year.

This is only for one website and in ranked math, you can get all these for free on unlimited websites.

So no other competitors on the market are giving this amount of value for free. And this is unmatched.

I don’t know why I’m still holding on to your Rank Math. It’s basically the market disruptor, and the longer Rank Math remains on the market.

If Yoast continues on with the same path, I think Rank Math is going to overtake Yoast in market share. I’m pretty sure Yoast knows about this and I’m pretty sure they think it’s not gonna happen. Well, let’s see.


So in this Blogpost, I’m gonna show you a side-by-side comparison between Yoast and Rank Math. Both the free version and the pro version. So you can decide whether or not to switch from Yoast to Rank Math good decision.

Multiple Keywords Optimization

Let’s start by comparing Yoast and Rank Math. I like to do comparisons side by side. Because it is easier for us to see the differences.

Focus keyword In Rank Math VS Yoast:


Yoast SEO:

  • In Yoast SEO you can only add one keyword in the free version. For adding five keywords you need to purchase the premium version.

Rank Math SEO:

  • You can add multiple keywords. You can enter up to 5 keywords at once. If you try to add the sixth keyword, Google will ignore it.

So Rank Math is much better in this regard.

Meta Title and Descriptions In Rank Math Vs Yoast:

Yoast SEO:

You see that they’ve separated SEO from readability, and you see the smiling green face implying that this content is easy to read, so it’s all good.

If you want to get that green smiley face. You have to manually enter text into the title and description. Honestly no matter what you put into the meta description.

Rank Math SEO:

You don’t really need to worry about the Meta Title and Meta Description. Because those are added by default and are taken into consideration by the SEO Score.

Google will display whatever they think is relevant to its users. So I’m not really sure what’s the point in writing a separate piece of description for the Yoast SEO Score.

Next, a very important tool for SEO Is:

Internal Linking Suggestions

Yoast: You need to have the premium version of the plugin to have this feature.

Rank Math: all you need is to click on this Peeler Content Box and the Link Suggestions will appear right here.

If I’m working on a site with lots of content, you will see those suggestions here take note this is a free feature in Rank Math.

Preview Your Page On Facebook And Twitter:


Yoast: You need the premium for Yoast.

Rank Math: Again this is free!

Premium features in Yoast are the most important ones. But in Rank Math, all you need to do is just toggle the 404 monitors on.

It works just like Yoast Premium. So as you can see everything you need to pay for in Yoast can be found. In Rank Math for free. The Rank Math free version goes way beyond the use free version. For example, if using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for dynamic content.

If you don’t know what Dynamic Content is?

We sometimes use custom fields for post headings in design layouts. If search engines cannot read the heading text in a Custom Field, It would not be favorable for our site.

So Rank Math took care of this in the free version whereas you have to get the premium version for Yoast. RankMath is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create custom reports and dashboards.

You can also connect your Google Analytics account to RankMath and get real-time insights about your website traffic. We don’t need to install an extra plugin for that, such as Monster Insights.

Local SEO

Yoast: You have the local SEO where you need to pay $69. And you basically have basic meta options on business info.

  • You can add the opening hours.
  • The map of your office.
  • you need to provide an API key.

Rank Math SEO: You have all these as well.

In the local SEO tab, if you select the organization option and if you scroll down you have the opening hours as well and you can also add a Google map for your local business.

WooCommerce SEO

Yoast: You have to pay $69 dollars. you can add some more information which I don’t know what they are for. And you have to use SEO when creating a new product.

Woocommerce seo

Rank Math: WooCommerce have as well in the Free version, they have this for WooCommerce as well. If you turn this on, and if you add a new product, the same thing happens.

We’ll have to SEO the score right here maybe the snippet is not as pretty as Yoast. But that’s because I haven’t added any content to the product.

But I’m pretty sure the snippet you see on Yoast will be achievable in Rank Math. Because WooCommerce has this default product schema by default. Which will draw whatever information you put into the product data here.

So we have covered a lot of things that Rank Math can do for free whereas you need to pay quite a sum of money to use to get the same functionalities.

Rank Math SEO PRO

Now let’s talk about Rank Math Pro. Because there is just one feature so important to me and before I knew it, I needed to buy a separate plugin for this. And that is having multiple schemas for an article.

Because sometimes articles are more than just articles. For example, if you’re reviewing a product, you’ll want Google to show your rating on their search result pages.

So if you want to use Rank Math, you’ll need another set of schema data to create. And in Rank Math, you have lots of different built-in schema data to choose from, and you can even customize them.


This is the list of free and pro schema data of Rank Math and Yoast. Now in the free version of Rank Math, you can only have one schema data per article. But in the pro version, you can have multiple. So this is huge to me.

Now I don’t need to renew that plugin called Snip structured data which will cost me $59. It saves me money again.

Rank Math vs Yoast

Video SEO

rankmath pro

From Yoast that cost $69. You have these features as well in Rank Math Pro. where Rank Math will auto-detect a video on your post. and draw out all the structured data for the video.

Now Rank Math only costs $59 per year. And you can use it on an unlimited number of websites, unlike Yoast where you can only use those plugins on one website.

Plus with this $59 I pay for Rank Math, I save a ton of money for the features. I can get it from Yoast and other SEO plugins.

So remember, why I said ranked math is a money saver, this is why.

If you want to check Rank Math out I highly recommend you do so. I’ve left the link here for you. You can visit the page and see all the cool features.

It provides that others won’t and you’ll know how important ranked math is. You can track the ranking of your articles for specific keywords. You can integrate with google trends. So, you will have data as to the focused topics you are targeting. You have the news seo which is also available in Yoast for $69.

If your local business operates in more than one location. You’ll need the pro version of Rank Math. And you will literally get tons of features from this plugin. So you should definitely give it a go what I love the best is you can get one single license and use it across multiple websites.

Rank Math Pricing

rankmath pricing

Rank Math has 3 Plans. Which Is PRO, BUSINESS, or AGENCY?

Rank Math PRO Version:

In the pro version, it will cost $59 per year. And you can use it on unlimited sites. Plus free 15 content AI credits, track 500 keywords, powerful schema generator, and much more!

Rank Math BUSINESS Version:

In the business version, it will cost $199 per year. And you get support for 100 client sites. Plus free 125 content AI credits, tracking 10,000 keywords, a powerful schema generator, and much more!

Rank Math AGENCY Version:

In the business version, it will cost $499 per year. And you get support for 500 client sites. Plus free 600 content AI credits, track 50,000 keywords, powerful schema generator, and much more!

So, what do you think? I’m literally blown away by how much value I can get from this SEO plugin. Even if you don’t get the Pro version of Rank Math. You can already do more than Yoast Premium.

Rank Math SEO Features:

I’m really asking why didn’t I switch from Rank Math much sooner. Anyway, I forgot to mention one very distinct feature that attracts me a lot.

rank math features

lines of code which mean the light weightiness of the plugin. It is one of the least as for the photo sizes. It is the smallest and fastest for page speed. It says here that it’s the fastest and you know I like to test things out.

But for now, I would just take it as it is. So this is really a no-brainer. It looks like everything is fine for me. Rank Math is like giving an offer I can’t turn down. Anyway, I hope I can get a thumbs up from you and I really hope that you will give Rank Math a try.

It doesn’t matter if it is the free version or the pro version. Either one. I think it is the best in the market right now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related Rank Math Vs Yoast

Can you use Yoast and rank Math together?

Rank Math Vs Yoast Users ANS: When you import Yoast data into Rank Math, Rank Math offers an option to import your redirect URLs into its plugin. Fewer plugins on your site.

And just like Yoast Premium, Rank Math can create automatic redirects when you change URLs.

Which is better rank Math or Yoast?

Rank Math Vs Yoast Users ANS: Yoast SEO is a good tool for beginners. It will help you create better posts and optimize your posts for focus keywords.

However, if you want to get even further into analytics and content optimization, Rank Math is the clear winner.

Can I use rank Math and Yoast?

Rank Math Vs Yoast Users ANS: If you haven’t imported any data from the Yoast plugin during the setup wizard, no worries, you can always import them using the Rank Math Import & Export feature.

Does rank Math slow down your website?

Rank Math Vs Yoast Users ANS: Installing Rank Math won’t slow down your website because Rank Math’s code has already been written and optimized for maximum performance, On the contrary, it’s quite likely that your website will perform even better than ever before with Rank Math because it performs the job of several plugins at once.

What is rank Math SEO?

Rank Math Vs Yoast Users ANS: It’s an SEO plugin for WordPress. Anyone can use it. even non-technical people to optimize their content with suggested changes based on widely-accepted best practices.

Is rank Math free?

Yes, you can download the free version and install it on your site to experience all the features for yourself. If you want to try out the PRO version, you can use their demo website.

Is Rank Math Safe?

We have rated WordPress Security Plugins. Rank Math as Good (current version). This means that we have found no vulnerabilities in older versions. We recommend that you use the most recent version of the WordPress SEO Plugin, Rank Math.

Is Yoast good for SEO?

Yes, it is. but Rank Math is a better option for your SEO. In Yoast, you need to pay for some tools. But on rank math, it is free!! You can use Rank Math to rank.

Is Yoast SEO worth it?

If you’re looking for ways to improve the content of your website and are interested in some additional ideas, Yoast SEO Premium could be worth the investment. It comes with a built-in internal link suggestion tool and is a great addition to your website.

Is Yoast WooCommerce worth it?

While Yoast SEO is a fairly good solution, it won’t be enough to get you organic sales to your online store. You might want to mention that while Yoast SEO (free) is available for WordPress SEO, the premium Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugi­n is a paid offering. Rank Math’s Woo Commerce SEO plugin offers some powerful features.

Does rank Math work with WooCommerce?

With Rank Math, you can easily convert your WooCommerce products’ information into Schema-friendly content. It even pulls the aggregated Rating and review fields from actual product reviews that customers write through the review functionality that is integrated into WooCommerce.

Is rank math good for SEO?

Rank Math is definitely good for SEO. 

All the best to you take care and stay safe wherever you come around.

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