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hey guys, hope you’re doing well. in this Systeme IO review, I’m going to share my honest review of an all-in-one online business platform called systeme.

So systeme is the easiest all-in-one marketing platform as it states it’s going to be that’s what we’re going to talk about in this review along with some features nice little demo and some of the pros and cons of this all-in-one platform.

Let’s Start Our Systeme IO Review Journey

It’s a Trustpilot score of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. so what you’re about to see is my 100 unbiased honest opinion of the tool and whether it’s right for you.

What Is

What exactly is systeme? I see it is an all-in-one system to sell your products.

Especially when it comes to digital products on the website, you’ll see what tools you can use to create things like sales funnels, build your email list with email marketing, and build your website. You can also integrate an affiliate program.

When it comes to all-in-one systems and platforms, I’m rather skeptical. When you’re good at everything but a master of none, it’s hard to make progress. so doing this review came from the notion and perspective of being someone who’s quite skeptical of these all-in-one platforms.

So, I kept a mental note as I was actually going through the features, the tools, and in general the whole systeme. the biggest advantage I see with these all-in-one systemes is exactly that it’s all-in-one.

you don’t need many different tools and subscriptions that add up in costs such as email marketing, a website and web hosting, a landing page builder, and a course hosting website.

Another advantage of this “all-in-one” model is that the tools are all integrated perfectly. As a whole, these all-in-one platforms may not be great or the best at one aspect of an online business platform.

One major downside, which is rare, is that all your content resides on one platform. you’re putting your eggs in one basket but those are some general things to know about all-in-one platforms before you consider signing up for one.

The biggest standout of the systeme is that they offer a free plan including their entire suite of tools. Pricing

The pricing and plans page for Systeme shows you everything that you get with the free plan. you can build up to 2,000 contacts. you can send an unlimited number of emails.

Unlike some email marketing platforms which sometimes charge based on the number of emails that you send. You can create three different sales funnels. You can set up up to 10 steps in your sales funnels.

Create one blog which is more than enough pricing and plans page shows everything that you get with the free plan. you can build up to 2,000 contacts. you can send an unlimited number of emails.

unlike some email marketing platforms where sometimes they charge based on the number of emails that you send. You can create up to three different sales funnels in your account.

You can set up up to ten steps in your sales funnel. It’s a good idea to create one blog that’s more than enough for your first few posts. I mean, I can’t handle one blog myself I’m still trying to learn how to write well!

You can host up to one course and that’s more than enough for a beginner getting started and going out there to sell your first course. Next, you can have unlimited students. and bear in mind students and contacts are different.

So, with contracts that have more to do with email marketing, sending email marketing campaigns to 2000 people. Where are students if you sell your online course? you can have unlimited students.

Another one worth mentioning is unlimited file storage. So, let’s say you’ve got an online course and you need to host videos for it. they don’t charge you based on the number of gigs that you’re actually using.

you get unlimited storage and a few other benefits like automation, workflow tags, email campaigns, you can do order bumps, a/b split testing, and much more.

As you can see you get the entire suite of products the main difference is the number of things that you can actually create like sales funnels and courses. Emails emails

Let’s head to emails, where we’ll find the email marketing platform before we go into funnels.

Under the Emails menu, let’s start with newsletters. Newsletters are designed for sending out emails in a broadcast format, with campaigns included. on the other hand, you’re creating an email series.

So, if you want a sequence of lessons on day one, lesson one can go out. day two lesson two goes out. if you want to create something like that, that’s where campaigns come in but with newsletters, if you want to send out broadcasts, or let’s say you’re going to be sending out a marketing promotion tonight, so that’s what you want to use. funnels
  • Let’s get started now. So, when it comes to creating funnels, yes, it is definitely an easy process.
  • You can build an audience
  • You can sell
  • You can create something custom
  • We love this part of the business. we like to build sales pages, landing pages, and opt-in pages. depends on how you see it actually if you feel this is a fun part, yeah that’s great.

Starts with a free eBook. so, you can create a full-fledged funnel. where you offer a free product and then upsell or upgrade later on.

If they don’t take up on that, you can submit a down-sell. and then send a related offer and then to their thank you page.

so, this is what you see. one thing I wish they had been a visual editor or more. say a visual representation or a flow of your whole sales funnel that you create with systeme.

So, with this, I see only in a kind of logical linear form. so, it’s quite linear. where it’s a free e-book and then after that, they see a sales page.

So, I’ve got two different sales pages. because there’s a feature for a/b split testing, where you can split tests from one page versus another.

and then you’ve got the order form and then a second upsell, which you can also do. and then if they don’t take up on the upsell number two, there’s a down sale.

l and if they don’t take the down sell, then you can offer something related. Then you’ve got to thank you page. but starting with let’s say the free eBook, you can create a squeeze page, and set your URL path. Templates

As you can see there are going to be plenty of templates. In my opinion, they’re going to be pretty simple. But simple isn’t always a bad thing.

A lot of times it’s the simplest ones that convert very well. In fact, I’ve done many campaigns about this and I recommend using one that’s going to be similar to what you had in mind.

Systeme.IO Automation Rules

Now what we can do is talk about automation rules. With automation, we can do is add a rule, and add an action to subscribe to the campaign. So anytime someone opts in what we can do is have them obviously send us thank you page. Blogs

Aside from that, you are going to have the ability to create blogs. You can create your template. Give it its blog domain, its name, and so on. Let’s click on create and from here.

Obviously, we can click on the blog. There are going to be a lot of things that we can edit. Whether it’s going to be the post pages or categories.

But just kind of show you what it looks like. The cool thing is that almost everything is done for you.

When you create a template, you just need to obviously delete some of these dummies, you know post here and so on and so forth. Let’s look at one of these.

Would look like? It’s very easy to edit you’re going to have your main image there then of course text more images and so on and so forth.

I’m basically here to inform you and educate you on this tool as you have seen in this blog. But what I want to share with you are a few pros and cons, which I’ll read out loud.

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The first con I want to mention is, for my use with email marketing in particular, that it is a basic tool for segmentation. If you try to segment your email list based on different filters, you’ll only be able to reach a small portion of your audience.

It would be better to have that segmentation and advanced searching and filtering straight or right within the email marketing newsletter you’re creating.

Now because it is an all-in-one systeme and you are reliant on whatever that systeme or platform provides to you. You can’t really modify or make any changes to your site as easily as you can with WordPress.

With WordPress you can modify things, you can get a developer in and make anything, you know modify anything, you want to base on your look your feel. and how you want your site to function.

So, with Systeme you are stuck with the range of templates they offer. and you can’t modify the transactional emails unless you know.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the actual layout of that membership portal.” You can’t make any major changes in terms of modifying the course or membership portal, but you can make some minor adjustments like changing the font style and color.

another con, but it’s not really a con for me. because I’m not a physical product seller, I’m not really a drop shipper or any of that sort of lack of e-commerce integration.

So, you can’t put items in your cart and then let customers check out. And then have all those products in one place. So, they don’t need to purchase each one individually.

Another con is that most templates are directed toward direct response offers, which means if you want to sell something with a specific product, it’s made for that type of offer. so, you can be a pro as well. especially if you sell digital products.

Another con, while we’re on the subject, is that brand consistency in terms of the templates from the sales page or more. So, from the opt-in form to the sales page to the upsells.

There’s no coherent kind of template or matching template that you can use. The profile of all these things is quite minor and things that can be improved on rather than their actual functionality.


The first pro that I see is the ease of use the intuitiveness and the simpleness of systeme. it’s a lot simpler than I thought.

I thought when logging in, I’d be inundated. The system is so easy to use, that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

As I mentioned, you can pretty much create a full-fledged funnel in one place with just a few clicks of your mouse. There’s also a free plan to give you some flexibility and help you get started quickly.

So, if you are just a beginner, you’re doubling into an online business, online marketing, and getting your first course up.

There’s that option there and you can build up to 2000 contacts with an unlimited number of students for your online course. and if you’re just starting out one blog is enough, and one course is enough.

If you are making sales from your course and the blog, then your current efforts are paying off. you know you are more than ready to upgrade to that $27 per month plan which is the next one above that free plan.

Other pros of systeme are that it is all hosted for you. you don’t need to worry about things like plugins and themes and updating, or maintaining them. because that can be time-consuming.

If not, even if you know something that you may not understand how to do, which can lead to a vulnerable website. open to things like malware attacks and hackers. I’m not saying it’s 100 foolproof. but that’s one less thing to worry about.

I love that it’s free to use. In the beginning, you can upgrade as well to get more features, benefits, and perks. It is certainly easy to use. Is it the easiest all-in-one marketing platform in the world? Tough to say there are a lot of great solutions out there.

But I do feel it does fit that need in terms of having something easy to use and getting up and running very quickly. There are plenty of great features even more especially ones that I haven’t talked about.

You know there are as you can see here blog posts, courses, there are student workflows, tags email campaigns, one-click upsells, order bumps, a/b tests, coupon codes, deadline funnels, and a few other things as you get going on.

I talked about webinars that are going to be towards the upgraded plans.

So overall they certainly do have a lot to like and the fact that they’re price efficient. And they do have the free plan, which obviously isn’t the most stacked plan in the world.

But it’s super beneficial for a lot of people who want to get started with landing pages and sales funnels.

Now on the other hand pros and cons, I do think that it lacks some power. Not a lot where you’re going to be like how can I ever use this, no definitely not.

When you make something easy, in my opinion, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of the power that can come with it.

So like having more advanced features in my opinion, the more advanced that you can make something, the more that you’re going to be able to do with it.

I see this a lot when it comes to ai writers. A lot of times when they’re more free form and they’re less done for you. It allows you to kind of mold things.

Differently, put more effort into it and get more out of it. So once again because of that, it might lack a little power. But I think it makes up for the ease and simplicity of using it.

Something else that might be seen as a pro or con is that you’ll need zapier. If you want to integrate an autoresponder. Given the fact they already have them as I talked about.

You can get an email list, you can send out newsletters, you can do autoresponders, and they even do have more. A few advanced things like tagging and workflows.

I talked about it right here so if you wanted to use a separate email autoresponder, you would need zapier in order to integrate that. That can either be a benefit or a drawback.

I just know that when I use sales funnels, I like integrating them with an email autoresponder. I’ve just always been that way. So, like I said not a big deal just something I came up with. final thoughts And Opinions

As I mentioned, systeme isn’t a platform that is right for everyone. But if you are a digital product seller, an info product creator, and one who basically sells virtual goods, I would say this is a great option.

At this point, if you’re still hesitant about systeme and whether it’s right for you. I would suggest simply signing up for a free account.

It’s pretty easy to use. And I love the fact that there’s now a solution for those who want to get started with using landing pages, sales funnels, and much more for free. With that being said, definitely give systeme a try. Especially if you had any interest in it in the first place.

There’s nothing to lose. play around with the tools, and play around with setting up your pages and your sales funnels.

Creating your courses, you know there’s nothing to lose. you don’t need to sell anything right now. if you’re not ready, all right that pretty much sums up my review of systeme.

I hope it was helpful and insightful and gave you a better feel for what systeme is all about. If you have any other questions about our review, please leave them in the comments box below. happy to answer them in the meantime. Thank you so much for Reading my review. Copyblogger

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